City Interactive has released a new trailer for its upcoming CryEngine 3 World War II FPS, Enemy Front.

Check out the trailer below and be on the lookout for more details on Enemy Front in the coming days. We’re currently in the process of lining up an interview with the development team so we’ll be sure to keep you updated on the status of that.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. No one has commented on this yet? And it’s weird … I’ll be the first. Beautifully illustrated the truth about the events of WWII. I am very pleased that the CI reaches so deeply into WWII and not only outlines a lightly, especially since the first show some Polish history as part of the game. The combination of work and pleasure.

    1. All I see is another Polish developer promoting their apathetic first-person action game with an emotional trailer.¹ That’s low, and in their case, disrespectful. :|

      ¹ Dead Island, developed by Techland.

      1. The difference between this and that Dead Island trailer was that it was pre-rendered, this is in-engine footage. This game was originally just another shoot em up, but now it looks like they’ve focused in on a certain direction and it’s looking good.

        1. “The difference between this and that […]”

          …is their marketing budgets.

          Last time I checked, the game was roughly a Far Cry 3 reskin (Raph van Lierop’s input?), with open, sandbox-y levels, knife takedowns, destructible environment (though the last two features are now commonplace in FPS games).

          Now watch the trailer… Is it coherent to the game I just discribed? Unless Enemy Front is now narrative-driven and CI Games ditched most (if not all) of the action elements, the trailer is a thoughtless exploitation, in my opinion.


  2. After I see this trailer I can say this game will focused on Warsaw Uprisin. Same trailer include Polish historical facts. In my opinion CI want to do great game and I keep my fingers crossed for the. Polish developers do game about Polish history I think it can be good conbination.

  3. I wonder if other games of WWII also evoked such emotions? But in every game of this type if it MOH or CoD comes to bad Germans, which must be eliminated in order to move to the next mission. The more it seems to me that the CI focused on the PW to show this piece of history multitude of foreign players. Apparently everyone knows but it really is not much and that was not just another mission to the passage is presented in this and no other trailer. It’s just my humble opinion.

  4. I hope that Enemy Front will be as good as CoD 2 or better:) This could be one of the best shooter game that I’ve played. I agree with You Trailer. I have enough moder shooter game such as CoD: Ghost or BF4 so WWII shooter is the best think what CI can do for me:D

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