Update: Annnd it’s back up.

Remember those GIFs that previously leaked for From Software’s Bloodborne? Well, those were all part of a trailer and that trailer has just leaked online for your viewing pleasure. Check it out below and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.

The footage is supposedly from the build that From Software was expected to show at TGS 2013 but ended up deciding against it. So, a lot may have changed since this trailer was shown, but it should give you an idea of what the enemies in the game will look like along with the combat system.

Yesterday we may have uncovered the release dates of both Bloodbourne and inFamous: First Light. You can read all about that right here.


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  1. not going to source where you got the video?

    1. It was multiple places. It was linked on Reddit, which is where I saw it, then the Youtube video was taken down right before we downloaded it and then another link popped up and we downloaded it from there. There’s no official source, and if you’re from NeoGAF, we didn’t see the video there. So, there’s no definite source for us to link to. We always source correctly where it’s due.

      1. no, its just odd that a video would drop right at the end of e3. almost seems staged by someone from dev. who knows :

        1. Someone already had this video before then. There were leaked images directly from this trailer leaked before E3. So, if it is somehow staged, they’re doing a good job of generating hype at least :)

          1. true. good catch :)

    2. it’s been comfirmed from softvare is making this game and it’s going to be realsed next year !! it’s been confirmed, where they found is who cares, it’s a fact now baby <3 demon souls is back :D


  3. Graphics are OK, but it doesn’t look like an innovating game TBH.

    1. You’re judging a game in Alpha build, where 100% of everything isn’t final?

    2. this doesnt even look like the e3 build of the game, really happy they decided to not release this, because the differences are staggering

    3. Local pleb judges graphics in alpha build, thousands perish

  4. Yet another Souls game with a new paintjob but practically the same underneath. I’m really growing tired of the staleness of this series.

    1. did you see the e3 build of the game, it doesnt show much but there is a really significant improvement over this one, like its night and day

    2. It’s not a souls game, it’s a game from fromsoft… yes it’s the same mehanics buit it’s not s a souls game

      calling it a souls game would inteend it has the same things as, hollows, and a sycle and other things.

      just having the same gameplay and new story doesnt make it a souls game and this makes you bored??

      not playing the game FPS games over and over again, LOL!

      this is great stuff and a huge step up from ds1 and demon souls, this is what I wanted when i bought ds2… ds2 being worse then cod and ds1 being above zelda games imo <3 <3 <3 pure epic best game ever

    3. Umm the speed and fluidity of the combat alone makes this a completely different game.. just has that similar dark and dreary souls look. Different game buddy. You’re an idiot.

    4. The Souls series has one of the best combat mechanics period. Add to that amazing atmosphere, level design, enemy types, boss battles, character customization. These are truly some epic RPGs. Whats wrong with more of them coming out with different story lines, environments and enemies?
      As someone else said, you are just an idiot.

    5. I don’t care if it’s the exact same, all souls games are awesome, don’t compare it to call of duty bullshit.

    6. yeah , because Call of Duty , battlefield and AC are innovative right ?
      even Destiny is Not innovative since it is a Borderland Rip Off

      1. Uh Destiny has more to it than Borderlands in the RPG aspect. It plays a lot like Halo though…which is okay I guess.

    7. yes three games in the same series… from the same developer… clearly they are going stale. It’s not that they have a style of gameplay that people enjoy so they keep doing more. dumbass.

    8. dont buy it then, nomre problem for you sire………..

  5. Ohhh that side-step. I had reservations when they said combat would be faster but I’m feeling ok about it after watching that.
    Can’t wait!

  6. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Reminds me of Tower of Latria from Demon Souls one with that whole Gothic feel. Seriously pumped for this.

  8. uoo nena uoo

  9. OH MAH GAD!
    I need!
    OK.. this is gonna be my general question.. but why didn’t they show THAT at the press conference.

    1. ohhh how wondered that aswell xD

  10. Looks like Manus of the Abyss at 1:16

    1. was thinkng exactly the same lol, even the moveset was alikr :-) this looks beyond good

  11. That’s the game I want!


  13. I love how the most recognizable thing of souls games is already present in this trailer, the lack of a decent framerate! Oh well, at least they aren’t lying to us! :) So hyped!

  14. i already can see all the technical issues, bad framrate, bad controls, bad netcode and all the other issues in the games fromsoftware developes. i wont buy any of their games after the DS2 deasaster.

    1. You can see netcode? ……are you the one? Is this matrix? wowe

    2. Well you’re in luck then because this game isn’t made by the DS2 devs

    3. Its still being worked on. So of coyrse it isnt perfect.

    4. i never had problems with the controls…guess u just cant handle it?…and the number one argument for a game should be the atmosphere which has always been very good in souls games! ..though DS2 was really a backstep in many points, but still better than most of todays shit. This game already seems to have an amazing atmosphere :)

  15. “We decided to do a new IP” And then just make Dark Souls 3 anyway. Looks terrible, then again Dark and Demon Souls are also terrible and way over hyped. No thx From Software.

  16. Doesn’t look that great though. It has no shields either and that’s a big no no for such a game.

    1. it has shields….u gotta look more closely

    2. it has shields….u gotta look more closely

  17. This is project beast. Made by ds developers. Japan studios took part in dark souls 2.

  18. All this is is the dlc for dark souls 2.

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