New Update and Gameplay Details Revealed for Prehistoric Survival Sim ‘Before’


Bill Lowe, the developer of Before, has posted a blog update revealing new details about his latest gameWorking with developers Facepunch Studios, Lowe describes what they’ve achieved since their last update earlier in the year.

Lowe describes the team’s focus on completing a new internal build, improving game AI, and their work on several other features in the game. Features showcased in the new blog post include tribe creation, combat, traits, and the UI design.

New footage shows the tribe creation feature of the game, allowing players to customise each person in their tribe with unique looks. Combat is being fleshed out with ranged attacks being improved, and area of attack moves being worked on as well. A new screenshot shows improvements in the UI design, with new designs coming for the crafting and building interfaces.

A new trait system is also being implemented where each tribe member will receive several traits that will boost attributes or skills. Each character will be given a negative trait that will adversely affect them. According to the studio, this is so that everyone has a ‘quirk’ in their personality, which will make the game more interesting.


Going forward, Lowe says the team is focusing on getting a new build of the game finished for the end of June. Lowe hopes to release new gameplay footage for fans in the coming weeks.

You can check out the full blog post made by Lowe by clicking here.

Before is a prehistoric survival game where players are tasked with guiding their tribe through the harsh world of early humans. You can expect to find food and shelter for your tribe, defend them from predators, and help them forge out into the great unknown.

According to developers, Before will release for PC, Mac, and Linux when it’s ready. The game was also announced for the PS4 at E3 last year.

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