New Video by Breakwater Studios Gives More Insight in to ‘Vane’


Breakwater Studios has released a video about the developers of upcoming title Vane as part of a series on indie games.

The video, which you can find here, provides an insight into the development process as well as some new shots from the game, which continues to look breathtaking visually.

We get to meet the people who make up Friend & Foe, Vane’s developers, who discuss Tokyo and where they are in production. They also talk about what they think makes Vane special and why they have put so much effort in to making it. It’s a game that the developers hope will challenge the status quo of gaming, which is what they describe as a risk worth taking.

The video also takes a look at how making games has become a more accessible endeavour, meaning that indie teams are able to survive and try at something that they are passionate about.

The series also profiles two other developers who use Unity as a platform for their games, and those videos can be found here.

To keep up to date with Vane keep an eye on OnlySP, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Our previous article on the game that discusses some new details that the developers revealed can be found here.

Sep Gohardani

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