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Next Pathfinder: Kingmaker DLC, ‘Beneath the Stolen Land’, Postponed To Improve Quality



Owlcat Games has announced that the Pathfinder: Kingmaker DLC ‘Beneath the Stolen Lands’ has been delayed by around a month.

As stated on the developer’s forum, the DLC is being pushed back because the quality of the procedural generation has not reached the quality the team wants. Furthermore, this DLC marks the first time the studio has tried to utilise procedurally generated dungeons, and the game engine was not built for this kind of content.

The team further wrote, “[a]ll in all, this is a rather ambitious project for us, and we want to make sure we deliver an experience that is worthy of our players’ attention. We sincerely apologize for this delay, and we hope that you understand our reasons.”

‘Beneath the Stolen Lands’ is the third and last piece of DLC coming to Pathfinder: Kingmaker, following ‘The Wildcards’ in December last year and ‘Varnhold’s Lot’ in February. This latest DLC is a significant shift from those previous packs. While the first introduced a new race and class and the second brought a new storyline, ‘Beneath the Stolen Lands’ adds an endless dungeon.

Owlcat Games put the statement and some screenshots on a Steam post to tease the release of the DLC in a month or so.

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Kumo’s New Screenshots Showcase Some Beautiful Clouded Landscapes




Kumo’s developer and publisher have released new screenshots showcasing the game’s stunning clouded landscapes.

Publisher Tales Art Studio and developer Benjamin Jason Gregg unveiled Kumo’s new screenshots on their Presskit page yesterday. The screenshots, embedded below, mainly show aesthetically designed ‘cloudscapes’ as well as the player character.

Kumo is a set to be a challenging puzzle game with memorable characters all within a clouded world. Players will journey through misty landscapes, ruins, across mountains, and even through a “strange mirrored temple.”

The page also includes information about the features in the upcoming title, which reads as follows:

  • Discover beautiful areas as you ascend the clouds.
  • A beautiful 10 piece soundtrack.
  • Freely control your ribbon using your spirit.
  • Lead Kumo into a second chance at life.

Tales Art Studio officially announced on Twitter that Kumo’s Kickstarter campaign will go live on 31 July:

Kumo is set to release on Mac, PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One should the Kickstarter succeed.

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