Legend of Heroes

The next entry in the The Legend of Heroes: Trails series will arrive by September next year.

According to Nihon Falcom’s latest financials report, the company has announced that the game will release sometime before September 2020. Additionally, Falcom has plans to release remastered titles for the PlayStation 4.

The financial report also notes that the series has sold over 4.3 million units worldwide.

Falcom president Toshihiro Kondo expressed that he would like to bring the older games in the Trails series to PlayStation 4. Trails of Cold Steel III was released on October 22 and OnlySP sat down with NIS America back in September in which the company said that it would love to bring Trails of Cold Steel IV over to the west.

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  1. Just started CS III. I’ve read that it ends on a major cliffhanger (no surprise there). I certainly hope they bring IV over!! (Or this might happen – 🤯!!)

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