Nimbatus Blasts Past First Stretch Goal


Nimbatus, the “Space Drone Constructor” game from Swedish studio Stray Fawn, has breezed past its first crowdfunding stretch goal less than a week after the campaign began.

Originally aiming for CHF20,000 (USD$20,000), the project has already raised more than CHF25,000, ensuring that autonomous drone races will be included in the final project. The developers have also announced that drone combat will be added in one the tally reaches CHF35,000, with a third stretch goal to be announced before then.

Both of the currently-announced additions expand on the systems available in the demo, which includes a weapons-free “sumo” mode that requires players to build a machine capable of pushing an opponent out of a ring within a set time.

The primary aim of Nimbatus is for users to create drones (either player-controlled or autonomous) that are used to explore a procedurally-generated universe. In its present incarnation, the mission objectives are typically straightforward and repetitive, but with the full game not scheduled to launch until March 2019, the developers have plenty of time to expand on the ideas with the assistance of player feedback.

Furthermore, with 25 days of the Kickstarter campaign remaining at the time of writing, the game is on-track to double,  or possibly even triple, its initial target.

Speaking to OnlySP earlier this year, the game’s creative director, Micha Stettler mentioned that the game began as a hybrid of Minecraft and Kerbal Space Program, but quickly took on a life of its own.

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