Drone-Building Space Exploration Game Nimbatus Hits Early Access Next Month

Stray Fawn Studio has announced that its brilliant drone-building simulator Nimbatus will enter Early Access on October 3.

Until now, the game has only been available via a demo and closed alpha since its successful Kickstarter campaign last year. The developer has used this pre-launch period to expand the mechanics, adding new enemy types, biomes, temperature gauges for parts, drone sharing, and more. While the work already conducted is impressive, the team promises much more to come.

The Early Access period is pegged to last for approximately a year, during which the team will implement new planets, enemies, and drone parts according to player feedback, as well as different mission archetypes and ways to play. During that period, the game will be available for USD$19.99, though first-week buyers will receive a 10% discount.

The primary goal of the game is to build drones—which can be player-controlled, autonomous, or a combination—and explore the vast reaches of the universe. However, threats abound, so users must fight off swarms of foes while mining for resources and researching new parts.

OnlySP trialled the game during its crowdfunding period, concluding that “Nimbatus is simple and engaging enough to be the next Minecraft and is sure to sit comfortably alongside Media Molecule’s Dreams as a new standard bearer for the play, create, share model.”

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