To celebrate 30 long years of Nintendo, the company has announced a special edition Luigi DS3DS XL bundle featuring the more neglected of our favourite Italian brothers, Luigi. It’ll be hitting shelves in Japan on July 18th for about 22,800 yen (£150, $225, €173) as seen on the Nintendo Japan website.

The bundle will include an SD card of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, a game set to release in Japan on the same day, while coming to Europe on July 12th and North America on August 11th. The game sees Mario traveling between reality and his brother’s dreams to once again save Princess Peach. Luigi clones can be used in the dream world for various puzzles and encounters, taking down enemies and exploring the world.

The 3DS XL has only been confirmed for release in Japan at this time, so fans of Luigi or die-hard Nintendo collectors will have to import theirs if they want it right away.

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