Nintendo will not have an at-show press conference for the second consecutive year, instead opting for two new Digital Events that will be held during E3 2014 itself.

Announced through a video partnership with Mega64 Nintendo has stated that they will be holding a special online presentation on June 10th at 12 PM Eastern Time, as well as a special stream from the show floor hosted by Nintendo’s Treehouse during all hours of E3 2014.

Nintendo also announced that during E3 2014, they will be holding a promotion with Best Buy allowing customers and gamers alike to test out Super Smash Brothers for the Wii U in multiple retail Best Buy locations. This is very similar to the events that Nintendo and Best Buy opened up last year, where anyone interested could go into a retail store and try out unreleased Nintendo Wii U titles. They will also be doing a special Tournament in Los Angeles the week of E3 2014 to promote the title.

It is unknown at this time if Super Smash Brothers Wii U will be the only title available to demo at Best Buy locations, but be sure to stay tuned to as more news breaks. Also, be sure to follow OnlySP over on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest Single Player focused gaming news as it happens.

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  1. This news most likely means that Nintendo doesn’t have enough to show for a press conference. RIP Nintendo…you got to make games if you ever want the Wii U to sell.

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