A job listing has surfaced from Nintendo for a level designer of a new Legend of Zelda game.

The new revelation comes courtesy of ResetEra user Niko Amii. The job listing, which is light on any solid information regarding the next Zelda project, can be found in full on Nintendo’s recruitment website. The candidate will be responsible for game event, dungeon, and field planning, with emphasis on creation and adjustment. Enemy planning is also listed as one of the responsibilities of the role.

With Nintendo advertising for major positions, the next Zelda project is likely in early development. Development for the previous game in the series, Breath of the Wild, began in 2013, with the game releasing four years later, but that time involved substantial manpower for brainstorming and creating a new engine. A faster turnaround than four years is to be expected, then, as the next Zelda project will use the same engine.

Breath of the Wild wrapped up its DLC output last year, with the game recently becoming the highest selling Zelda title of all time.

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