Nintendo Switch Getting Norse Adventure Jotun in Two Weeks


Thunder Lotus Games has announced that its debut game, the Norse-inspired adventure Jotun, will be available on the Nintendo Switch later this month.

Originally released on PC in 2015, Jotun casts players in the role of Thora, a Viking warrior on a quest to prove herself worthy of entering the hallowed halls of Valhalla following her death. For the new platform, the developer has remastered the title’s visuals and made some gameplay adjustments to make the game more palatable for portable play, though those alterations are described as being subtle.

The Nintendo Switch launch will be based on the Valhalla Edition of the game, which launched in 2016 and includes a Boss Rush mode featuring more difficult versions of the game’s eponymous enemies. The title will be available beginning April 27, and will retail at USD $14.99.

OnlySP’s James Billcliffe spoke to the developers of the game prior to its initial release back in 2015, and details about the inspirations and trials of bringing the title to life are available therein.

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