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RUMOR: Square Enix Wants Kingdom Hearts III on Switch

A YouTube content creator has reported that sources close to him say Square Enix wants to port Kingdom Hearts III to Nintendo Switch.

DreamcastGuy, a YouTuber mostly famous for discussion-based gaming videos, posted the potential leak yesterday afternoon. DreamcastGuy acknowledges in his video that he has not much to show in terms of leaking credibility, but still trusted his source enough to post the video.

The YouTuber goes on in his video to explain that—based on the information he received—Square has not started on the rumored project. Still, the rumor does line up with past information.

For the past year, there have been rumblings of a Kingdom Hearts III Switch port. During last year’s D23 Expo, Kingdom Hearts III director, Tetsuya Nomura, said that plans for the title to appear on Nintendo Switch may be considered after the game releases for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Many are challenging the rumor, citing the difficulty of porting the graphically demanding title over to Nintendo Switch, a considerably less powerful console. However, Final Fantasy XV, a similarly demanding game, saw release on Switch last month, so nothing is impossible.

Octopath Traveler, another Square project, saw recent success on Nintendo Switch as the classic-themed RPG sold 1 million copies in less than a month. All fans can hope for now is that Square Enix is paying attention to the excitement for a potential port.

Kingdom Hearts III news has been pouring in since E3 too. Just last July, Square confirmed that the game’s single-player campaign would take about 40 hours to complete on average.

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