There’s been an image going around that is portraying an announcement for Call of Duty: World at War 2 on May 4th with an exact time, and presented by Xbox. Well, as we’re all aware, it’s a fake image (unfortunately) and the Twitter user who “leaked” it is basically using it to gain popularity for their Twitter account.

Shinobi602, who has a proven track record with us on providing information regarding upcoming games stated on Twitter that World at War 2 is not happening. The biggest reason for the World at War 2 speculation was based on Facebook posts made by Treyarch to commemorate specific World War 2 dates, which lead people to believe WaW 2 was on the way.

In regards to what Treyarch is actually working on, Shinobi told his followers to remember what big games Treyarch has worked on, aside from World at War. This, presumably, points to Treyarch’s Black Ops series.

It’ll be interesting to see what the Call of Duty franchise does this year following the inclusion of Exosuits in Advanced Warfare. Hopefully, with Treyarch developing the next Call of Duty, they’ll bring back some of the more innovating features for the series that were introduced in Black Ops 2, like mild choices that affect the outcome of the story.

I’m also interested to see what Treyarch has accomplished with a three year dev cycle that the Call of Duty franchise has been granted.

For the time being, take all the information above as a rumor. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on anything else we hear regarding Treyarch’s upcoming Call of Duty game, so be sure to follow OnlySP on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. Sucks, I loved co-op in WaW. We’ve got no couch co-op games like that right now on the PS4.

    1. Dont worry its up in the air at this point. Shinobi get more stuff wrong then right. How many time have he said Sony was announcing something big at an event then twit out it will be at the next event. I remember he told a guy that the halo 2 anniversary wouldn’t have the original MP. So its still a chance it will be world at war 2

      1. Uh, Shinobi has been more right than a long shot. And if he’s wrong about something, it’s usually because the info he was given was outdated.

        Just Cause 3 announcement
        Homefront 2
        The Order delay
        Battlefield: Hardline
        Halo 5 name

        Just to name a few. And all he said is it wasn’t WaW2. If it’s indeed Black Ops 3, whose to say it can’t go back to WW2?

  2. I don’t care which it is im just happy there won’t be EXO suits and we can get back to real CoD. AW is horrible.

    1. You said it, bro. I am not too biased on terms of past-modern-future stuff, but I find myself leaving my AW game alone. Kinda makes me miss playing BO2 (I lost it), even though it’s kinda futuristic, it was still fun! Whatever Treyarch makes, I’ll be more than happy to try it out.

  3. Uggh no more futuristic shit. Just started playing world at war and realising how much better every aspect of that game was the campaign was amazing the Mp map layouts are better and this is an old game.

    1. I agree, past or present next hopefully. If Black Ops 3, hopefully back into the 1900’s

  4. I don’t know if I agree with this. I just recently posted a video talking about the leaked images and how they coincide for the most part with what was tweeted out the other day by Raj Patel, the xbox community manager. Shinobi may be more right than wrong from your experience but I feel like its a big coincidence that a leaked image (though it could be fake) would have the exact same date, time and text as an unofficial image posted a week later by the xbox community manager.

    If you’re want to see what i’m talking about heres my video. Pay close attention to the font and color used for the roman numeral 2.

    1. Guess you’ll just have to wait and see :)

      1. I like that too. I honestly think that, for me one of the most exciting parts about these leaks and rumors is the fact that its still up in the air. I guess I’ll be cool with either one, Black ops or World at War, but I think that more people have been asking for WaW for a longer period of time.

        1. Well, with the way the Black Ops franchise is set up, they could really take it anywhere and it would fit within the lore. I mean, they can go all the way back and explore Reznov’s story if they really want to you know? But, as far as Shinobi is concerned, I can pretty much guarantee you it’s Black Ops 3.

          1. Wow, that’s a strong endorsement for Shinobi. If you believe in him that much I might have to investigate a little further. In terms of the Black Ops story line, I’m a baby to the COD franchise so, unfortunately, I’ve never played through BO’s campaign but I’ve been getting recommendations and most people tell me to either get BO or MW2. Which do you think I should start with if you don’t mind me asking?

          2. I liked both honestly. Modern Warfare 2 is among the top campaigns in the franchise IMO. Black Ops is a lot of fun too, I’d play it.

            As for Shinboi, he’s not another Tidux or the other guy that’s been reported on so often for their findings. Shinobi has a near flawless track record, and only puts something out there when he knows something.

          3. Thanks. I’ll probably try both.

  5. Black ops 3?? World war 2 games were milked at the end of the ps2-xbox era and beginning of ps3-x360 era. Now it’s been nothing but crappy modern and future shooters. Please switch it up. Treyarch – WW2 IW- Modern Sledgehammer – Future. Not sure why i posted this since i don’t play cod any more lol. But if they go back to ww2 i will check it out.

  6. I haven’t played COD since Black Ops 2 and it got boring very fast. Treyarch better bring out a World War game. The modern/future warfare has been milked to death. Its ironic in some ways. If Treyarch does BO3 then it will mean they want to make the gameplay and gunplay very shallow. If the next game is not a World War game then I will be passing on it again. Treyarch has a chance to bring back some fans that are tired of the childish shooters being released today. if they fail to then oh well, their own loss of integrity.

    1. I personally want to see world at war 2 but if they aren’t bringing back the gore, tanks, and swearing they better not do it then and bring BO3

    2. I AGREE. I only play WaW.. BO2, Ghost and AW suck and I dont buy BO3 if that game gonna be future. I want see WWII in PS4

  7. You guys do realize that they could always have a bo3 with a different time period right? It doesn’t necessarily have to be in the future. But I would like to see them go back in the past. It was more intriguing and I really hope they don’t go to the future again. It’s getting out of hand and too much. It should be Infinity Ward = Modern Sledgehammer Games = Future and Treyarch = The past. I never really got to play WaW so I really hope it’s somewhere around that time period.

    1. Exacly how it should be done

    2. I wouldn’t mind them throwing in some Civil War types.. or something.. I think if done properly.. We could have some real fun with some of the bigger wars in History.

    3. Exactly. The name is irrelevant because the era could be anything.

    4. That’s an amazing idea, the game play would be fresh(ish) with the developers having a 2 year cushion to create new creative ways to implement into their specific time. Although, only the exo in AW was really innovative (relative to cod) MW3 and BO2 are fairly similar in gameflow albeit one much faster than the other.



  9. If it is Black Ops 3, maybe they can go through Alex Mason’s story throughout the time that he was away from his son and Woods. 1989-2025. But that would only work with the BO2 ending with Mason alive. Just an idea though.

  10. Nahhh WAWII sounds much better than Black Cops 3! Bops2 was severely overrated due to it being easier for casuls but WaW was always that classic WW2 shooter! I should expect nothing but quality from the next WaW iteration. Hopefully this time theirs a major skill gap and the connection will be smooth.

    1. Totally agreed. WaW and BO1 were the last good games Treyarch did with COD… BO1 was the last one i’ve played. Why you ask? Because i’m sick of all the futuristic bullshit that has been going on for few years now. If people want to play futuristic, they have other game titles for that, but what we need is a “realistic” shooter, possibly WW2 since this period has been dumped almost a decade ago and nobody touched it for a long while. Modern period has been done to death aswell, although not as annoying to me as futuristic stuff, but still tired of it. I really hope they make WaW2 instead of BO3 and incorporate that classic style of zombies and gameplay that it used to be in WaW and BO1..

      1. Definitely! I’d rather have WW2 than crappy made up futuristic wars!

    2. thats right..every cod since mw3 has had shit noob friendly maps with 20 thousands pathways and no actual battlefield in the maps meaning every noob will get as many kills as the moderately and even seasoned players

  11. Guess most of us will be waiting for waw 2. As most of us are tired of this new age garbage they keep pissing out.

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