Flash-Inspired Noir Crime Code Has Hit Kickstarter

Following its debut trailer from March, the noir-thriller Crime Code has hit Kickstarter to seek USD$12,000 in funding.

Crime Code is set in an alternate version of 1970s Chicago called New Chicago, wherein players assume the role of a young detective named Martin Gray as he investigates complicated cases within the city. In this alternate timeline, modern life functions as part of a global network, which nefarious individuals within New Chicago attempt to influence and control.

In terms of gameplay, the title is an attempt to combine point-and-click gameplay with other, more specific RPG systems such as hacking, dialogue choices, and crime scene investigation. The investigation aspect of the game is compartmentalised into searching, hacking, and choice. Players will need to think carefully about where to find information, as well as the methods they employ and how information is used.

Crime Code very much seems like an ode to Nintendo DS detective games, with the influence of titles such as Ghost Trick and Hotel Dusk tangible in the project’s design.

Use of the internet is an integral part of Crime Code, which players have to use to find information, databases, and code. Hacking, in the world of New Chicago, has psychological effects, too, as personal data can be used to manipulate a person’s desires and fears.

The game’s Kickstarter page contains a few more details about the game, including the integration of an important mini-game entitled Black Forest. As of writing, the project is only coming to Steam on PC, Mac, and Linux, but the developer has indicated a GOG release is possible.

Crime Code‘s March trailer is embedded below, but before checking that out, be sure to follow OnlySP on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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