Rock Simulator

Developer Vinoo recently released a simulation indie title, Rock Simulator, allowing players to relax in the simplistic world of being a stationary rock.

Rock Simulator is a purely non-violent game, allowing players to experience the peaceful nature of being a rock. The gameplay looks to offer serenity after players may have engaged in the many violent encounters of today’s games, such as chainsawing Locust Grubs in Gears 5.

Vinoo wrote of the game on its Steam page, “Become what you have always imagined, a rock with no responsibilities, no debt, and no worries.”

The only quest players have is to merely exist while watching time melt away. However, players who love to have goals to complete can dream of becoming a golden rock. In addition, gaining experience and levelling up will unlock rock skins and new environmental landscapes.

Furthermore, Rock Simulator‘s developer announced that a new update will be released today, featuring animated Flow and Galaxy skins, three new challenges, and a volume slider in the main menu.

Rock Simulator was released on November 27, 2019, and is available on PC via Steam.

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