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Kubrickian Space Horror Observation Has Some Unsettling New Gameplay Footage




Observation, the upcoming space horror by Stories Untold developer No Code, has 45 minutes of new gameplay footage, courtesy of Game Informer.

Deeply indebted to Kubrick and late twentieth-century sci-fi such as Alien, Observation flips the regular space horror script and casts players as an artificial intelligence named S.A.M. aboard a marooned station.

According to the gameplay footage, Observation tasks players with controlling cameras on a space station to find clues, solve puzzles, converse with survivors, and help carve out an answer to the ship’s mysteries. While a lot of these details were already known, the newest trailer illustrates more about the variety of puzzles and gameplay options the title will have.

As the name of the project suggests, the game’s goal is to place players as disconnected observers while allowing them first-hand experience of an AI’s oft-presented omnipotence. Even in the gameplay snippet, the title shines the most when it is providing a unique twist or perspective on established AI horror tropes.

Game Informer, who was lucky enough to get to play this 45 minutes of gameplay, described Observation as “a pretty neat combination of Alien and 2001: A Space Odyssey.”

Observation is set to release on the Epic Games Store and PlayStation 4 later this month.

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Tim Schafer: No Plans for Brutal Legend 2, but ‘Never Say Never’



Brutal Legend

Double Fine’s heavy-metal mashup, Brutal Legend, has gone some time without a proper sequel and Double Fine head Tim Schafer thinks there is still some waiting to do.

During a press Q&A session at E3 2019, Schafer was asked about the possibility of a sequel to the Jack Black-starring action-adventure game. Though Schafer says Double Fine would like to move on to something new first, a sequel may certainly still happen.

“That’s a fun universe, too, that I’d love to back to, but now we’ve been in sequel mode for a few years and it’d be nice to do something new…but never say never.”

Schafer commented on the possibility of a Brutal Legend 2 two years back, stating that fans will eventually see a sequel. During that same report, Schafer teased that Brutal Legend 2 would be an expensive game to make.

This most recent update at least reaffirms Schafer’s fondness for the series, even if the Double Fine team wants a break from sequels.

Brutal Legend released to generally strong reviews, with many praising its comedy and unique world.

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