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Obsidian Entertainment is Teasing A New Game Reveal for The Game Awards



The Game Awards is going to have quite a few new game announcements. People have assumed one of them will be for Alien: Blackout, and now Obsidian Entertainment will be revealing its next title.

Obsidian’s website is currently showing two different teaser images which can be viewed just below along with a timer counting down to The Game Awards.

Obsidian has not revealed what it is working on other than that the game is a new RPG and Fallout co-creators Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky are heading development of it.

Obsidian has been working on a new RPG for a while now and before the Microsoft acquisition it entered into a publishing deal with Private Division, Take Two’s new indie publishing label.

OnlySP will be watching The Game Awards for the full-reveal, so be sure to stay tuned to OnlySP for the full announcement of whatever Obsidian is working on.

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RUMOR: PlayStation 5 is ‘Definitively More Powerful’ Than the Next Xbox



PlayStation 5

The next console generation speculation is heating up and one insider says PlayStation 5 may begin the next generation with the upper hand.

The mention that the PlayStation 5 will be more powerful than the next Xbox was released into the rumor wild by gaming personality and ex-IGN editor Colin Moriarty during his reoccurring gaming podcast, Sacred Symbols: A PlayStation Podcast. Watch the segment down below at 40:22.

Moriarty first called back to a rumor earlier last week from Game Informer’s executive editor, Andrew Reiner, in which Reiner commented on console rumors he had been hearing.

Then, Moriarty corroborated Reiner’s comment, stating he had “been hearing stuff like this too.”

“[Reiner] had been hearing rumors—and I have been hearing stuff like this too, I really don’t know if it’s true—that the next PlayStation is definitively more powerful; that people that have access to both builds for making games are saying the PlayStation is more powerful.”

The important thing to note is Moriarty making it clear that he has not seen these specs with his own eyes, so, for now, take everything here with a few teraflops of salt. Additionally, even if the information stated in the video is correct, development builds are not the same as the final product, so a lot could change before release.

That said, videos of the PlayStation 5’s load times are no doubt impressive. Whether or not Microsoft can follow with similarly impressive tech will have to wait until later this year.

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