Offline Mode Coming to Friday the 13th: The Game

The long-awaited offline mode for the survival-horror hit Friday the 13th: The Game has finally arrived for PlayStation 4 and Steam users, with an Xbox One version coming in the near future.

Developers IllFonic released a brand new update that supports offline play as well as a seasonal event.

Fans of the game have been requesting a single-player mode since its initial release on May 26, 2017, after several hints from the developers suggested a single-player campaign was in the works. While the new mode will not have a dedicated story, it will allow gamers to play as either Jason Voorhees or a counsellor competing against AI bots on any of the current maps. The AI will also have difficulty options to allow for a customised experience suited to the player’s skill level.

New cosmetic items have also been added for the counsellors and Jason, such as “bloodied” versions of each of Jason’s costumes. The maximum player level has also been increased from 101 to 150, with more rewards and additions set to be released in the coming months.

The first stage of the holiday event increases the chances of unlocking Rare and Epic counsellor perks that improve on the various traits of each character. This first instance of the event will span until December 23. For the week following that date, the chances of finding the Pamela and Jarvis collectible tapes will increase. The final part of the event will run from  December 27 to  January 2, and will double the amount of in-game currency earned.

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