Surreal Adventure Oneirous Channels Life is Strange in Debut Trailer


Oneirous looks difficult to categorise, and its debut trailer by Coal Valley Games has only supported the game’s esotericism further.

The first-person, surrealist allows players to assume the role of Liam as he attempts to escape what he believes is a dream. His dream appears realistic, though, before descending into ethereal, uncanny depictions of his life. Mechanically, the title is a puzzle game at its core, combining escape-room, crafting/building mechanics, and classic adventure together.

The stand out so far is the game’s distinctly Western art style and vibe, conjuring memories of Life is Strange‘s depiction of Oregonian life. Be sure to check out the game’s Steam synopsis below, as well as its acid-flashback-inducing trailer:

“Will you be able to break the vicious circle? Can you regain control? Experience the surreal adventure filled with puzzles and psychedelic visions.”

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Ben Newman

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