Hey everyone,

Over the last few weeks you may have noticed things have really quieted down here at OnlySP. Part of that is due to me starting classes back up this week. I’ve got a lot to juggle between the website, my new career path and keeping up with the fraternity I’m in. Along with all that, a lot of our staff that was here during the summer have started jobs outside of the site, moved on or are just as busy as I am with daily life.

This isn’t even taking into account the amount of reviews we’re currently trying to handle. The list includes major titles like Mad Max, MGS V, all the sports releases and some other games we can’t even mention yet. It is all a bit overwhelming with school starting up at the same time. Thanks big game companies. You could have released all this while I had all the time in the world to work on it this summer. Oh well, I guess.

Over the past few months I have also been wondering about where the future of OnlySP is going to be. I’ve become much more of a fan of creating our own original content, focusing on developer interviews, analytical content covering gaming narratives and just having a more focused approach to games coverage. The videos that Ian have been creating focusing on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s sidequests has really inspired me to move us more towards that direction, as I don’t think there’s any other site out there that focuses on that kind of content, rather than it being a one-off deal.

We’ll be planning out new content over the next few weeks, getting re-organized and restructured to figure out what exactly we want to do content wise. We currently have a poll running on Facebook that asks you, the reader, what kind of content you want to see more / less of. I’ll even post it below so you can provide us your feedback here instead of Facebook.

These “changes” won’t be major to the core of the site, but I’m quickly realizing that being the “first” to post news isn’t going to cut it. If we want traffic, we HAVE to be different. There’s no other way around it anymore. We’ll continue posting news that we find relevant for you, bringing you the latest reviews and so on. But, long form content of a higher quality is where we are quickly headed. I think you’ll appreciate it in the long run, as we’ll have less filler content and more pieces that you actually want to read.

When you think about it, you can get most of your “news” by just reading the headline of an article. When you’re trying to compete for the same coverage that sites like Polygon, IGN and Gamespot are covering, it’s almost pointless.

Anyways, thanks for reading this update if you do and I hope you understand that we’re not dying or anything like that, but it has been two years since our last restructure, and the first time it worked out very well for us. However, as the industry changes, so must we. In a way, we’re downsizing to be a more focused niche site, and I think in the long run, it’s going to be better for the company.


If you’re wondering about our developer interviews, don’t worry they’ll be coming back. I’d like to have a more structured coverage plan for them to draw more attention, so they’re going on hiatus for a bit until we can figure out the best way to approach them, along with whose going to be writing them.



1. More long-form analytical pieces about video game stories, worlds etc

2. More discussion pieces about your experiences with games

3. Featured game coverage spanning over a week, bi-weekly with different features being covered about the game a la (Story, Characters, World Building, Team Development)

4. Less “daily news” more editorial content

5. Daily news round up in a video format spanning 3-5 min

6. Keep doing “daily news” like you always have

7. More original video content, less written work

8. More video reviews, less written reviews

BONUS: Would you be more inclined to support us via Patreon if we sent out a weekly newsletter rounding up our biggest stories and media content? At the end of each month, this newsletter would include a free game code.

PLEASE list the numbers in a comment below with what you’d like to see more or less of on OnlySP. If you have other suggestions, please let us know as well.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. Honestly? I wouldn’t notice without you telling me, Nick. Only SP had always struck me as a 0-1 news per day site. And I’m fine with that, because I’m mostly hanging out with you guys to help point out to me a couple of SP games I don’t have yet under my radar. Never was one for editiorials, but I might read one if the title catches my fancy (positively or negatively).

    And dear God, no video-articles. I hate those.

  2. I know that video content seems to be the way things are moving towards, but personally, I prefer the written word. I come from the days of gaming magazines, and I guess I’m still stuck in the past in that way, along with my love for single player games over multiplayer. Also, I usually do most of my catchup during lunch at work, and there all video content’s blocked.

    From my side, I wouldn’t mind if there wasn’t daily news updates as such, and have a round-up of all the important stuff at the end of the week.

    What’s important for me, is discovery of games that I might not know about. Also, I love indie games, so perhaps a weekly round-up of some undiscovered indie hits, or even coverage of game jam games, would be right up my alley.

    1. I’m looking into starting up like an indie game roundup for Saturdays that will list out 5 or so games that you may have never heard about kinda thing.

  3. More like 1, 2 and 3. I don’t really see these very often on most other websites. A good thing about OnlySP is that it covers SP games more often than other websites and also less well-known games that don’t get mentioned often on bigger websites like GameSpot. Some I probably wouldn’t have heard about without OnlySP.

    1. Yup. Half of the indies I’m interested in became known to me through this website.

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