Hello Single Players and Only SP fans!

With Halloween approaching very quickly, we decided that it’s time to have a little bit of mischievous fun over on our Facebook page. The game is simple! Tomorrow, we will post randomly a series of codes that will allow you to win Outlast on Steam along with other games like Air Conflicts: Vietnam, Gas Guzzlers: Extreme, Takedown Red Sabre and more…

But here’s the twist! Some of the these codes are completely made up and will get you nothing! That’s the trick! However, some of the codes are 100% legitimate and will get you some of the great games listed above. That’s the treat!

Head on over to our Facebook page tomorrow and best of luck!

Nathan Hughes
Follow me on Twitter (www.twitter.com/OnlySP_Nathan) for more nonsense.

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  1. Nice that sounds kind of fun. I wish I was quicker at these things. I have no idea how people are so fast! =p

  2. This sounds like it could be a beautiful event.

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