It has been quite a while since we’ve done a week in review on the site hasn’t it? We’re kinda bad about introducing a series and maintaining them, but I’ll do my best to make sure we’re more consistent with weekly and biweekly articles like these.

So, with the return of the week in review we won’t exactly be going back over all of our recent coverage during the week since it’s pretty redundant and not fun to read. Essentially these will be written in a more personal tone, kinda like a letter from the editor so you can be more in touch with myself and the staff here at OnlySP.

Having said all that, let us begin!

The last few months have been pretty lacking for me in terms of my time playing games. College has kept me pretty busy both in terms of school work and social activites, but as everything begins to wind down I’ve had more time as of late to delve back into the wide world of video games. This past weekend I had the chance to finish Dying Light and most of Alien: Isolation.

Dying Light’s main storyline was actually surprisingly interesting, if not a tad cliché. If it was fleshed out a bit more and had more compelling characters it would have made for a much better “zombie” storyline than the majority of undead games out there. Alien: Isolation, however, is a game that has quickly risen up among my all-time favorite games. If you want to read more on why that is so, you can check out my thoughts here on the game. To put it simply though, it continually impresses me with the AI and how thoughtfully crafted the sound effects and environments are.

Once I’ve finished Alien: Isolation I plan to jump back into Dragon Age: Inquisition and finish that up and also finish up Ori and The Blind Forest. With finals just around the corner though that’ll probably be a little while. Dragon Age: Inquisition’s main storyline is really lackluster in my opinion though, and I’ve honestly just had a lot more fun exploring the world, taking down dragons and doing side quests for people. I hope Bioware’s working hard on making sure the storyline for the upcoming Mass Effect is a good one.

Other than that, there’s been a lot going on behind the scenes here at OnlySP. We’ve upped our staff over the past couple weeks and I think we’ve got one of the strongest teams of writers that we’ve had yet and I’m excited to see what content they all produce. Our editorial department is returning so we’ll have normal editorial content once again, and I’ve also been dabbling with some editorial content myself for that matter. I like writing more about discussion topics though, but I’ll see about dabbling back into some more insightful pieces when I’m more confident with my editorial abilities again.

We have a strong team of reviewers now as well as a strong media team to produce new original content for the site. We released the first episode of a new series of videos tonight called Revisiting the Classics. You can check out the first episode here which takes a look at The Legend of Zelda.

We’ll be working on continuing to push our writers and media team to the forefront of the site to put more of a focus on them as they continue to further their careers in games journalism. Starting next week we’ll have a new feature that allows each writer to tell you what they’ve been up to in terms of gaming, and what they’re working on for the site. Their names are just as important as mine on the site, and as such they will become better connected with our community.

In closing, planning continues for our Summer Giveaway series. You can expect more information on that soon. We’re still in the process of amassing giveaway codes and scheduling, but this should be a fun summer for us here at OnlySP and for you, the community. We also have a big event in the very early stages of planning that I can’t talk about yet, but if we can make it happen I think it’ll be something that’ll bring a bunch of gamers together in a way that hasn’t been done before.

So, what’s new in the world of video games for you? Provide us your very own week in review in the comments section and be sure to let us know about any suggestions or feedback you have for the site. I’m looking forward to reading your responses and continuing to grow our strong community of single player gamers.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. Its been great being part of the team and I can’t wait to do even more stories in the future for the site. Hopefully with our new team we can take OnlySP to a new level :)

  2. The last week I’ve finished off Super Mario Galaxy (one of my favourite games of all time that I decided to complete again now I own a Wii U), Birth by Sleep HD, Telltale’s Game of Thrones in prep for the new season, and slowly chipping away at Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

    1. I just finished replaying Galaxy as well. One of very few games that I could call “jouyous”

    2. I’ve always wanted to play Super Mario Galaxy, just never had the chance, I really should pick it up, my housemate just bought a Wii U so I don’t have much of an excuse now haha

  3. This week I mostly worked on my Zelda video, but I also got some play time in with Divinity: Original Sin and refreshed my memory on Mortal Kombat 9 before I get destroyed in Mortal Kombat X

  4. I’ve been working on learning to ropes in regards to writing new stories in the past week, but when I’ve had the chance I have been playing some Rouge Legacy, which is amazing! and some GTA V on PS4.

  5. There’s something about Dragon Age that always bugs me, probably because all I can think of is how it’s a step back from Neverwinter Nights. As a game on its own it probably stands but we can never escape nostalgia.

    Regardless, this week has been mostly looking at Stardrive 2, trying to get to the end game (no small feat with 4x games) and keeping up with the developer updates to see what’s been patched after release.

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