Sorry for not getting this up yesterday, too beautiful of a day out to sit inside working for once so I spent the night grilling out and throwing around some football. But, now it’s back to the daily grind and that means a new week in review and a new giveaway to go along with it!

OnlySP Status Update

Usually before E3 every year there’s a summer lull, but this year’s momentum is on a steady pace with seemingly a new big game announcement every week. Star Wars: Battlefront, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate and on Thursday we’ll be getting our first glimpse of the next Need for Speed game. New entries in most of these franchises are usually announced before E3, but usually with a lot less information than we’ve been getting.

It’s a nice change of pace, and I’m hoping this means that we’ll see more live gameplay during conferences rather than just teaser trailers. Maybe it’s just me, but the PR scene has been quickly changing things up as of late in the game’s industry. Maybe it’s because everyone’s tired of the drama and just want people to be excited about games again, or maybe big companies have finally heard the outcries on the internet and decided it’s time to change.

As for OnlySP, it’s still relatively quiet around here. We’re a bit backed up on reviews so we’ll be putting out some shorter reviews on some of the games we have on hand to get them out of the way and get back on track. I’m also finishing up our big announcement for May 25th that I’ve been teasing you about for a few weeks now. It’s something we’ve had to think long and hard about doing for quite a while so we’re excited to finally clear the air.

Other than that, you’ll have a bunch of new details regarding Hunger to read about this week, as well as Little Devil Inside which we just posted up today. The game’s Kickstarter only has a few days left and is just a few thousand dollars away from being funded so be sure to check it out.

Personal Update

As you can probably guess, I’ve been toiling away on The Witcher 3 since Sunday…and I’ve probably played almost 15 hours or so of it already. Here’s the crazy part though, I’ve hardly scratched the surface of the game since most of my time has been spent exploring the wonderful world CD Projekt RED has crafted. There’s SO much to do and see and explore and I just love it. The game is a graphical masterpiece, has some really great combat that takes a bit to learn and master (which I have yet to do) and monster hunting is super exhilarating. I’m glad it’s the Summer right now, because my school grades would drop over the next few weeks if I had classes.

As much as I like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt though, I’m even more excited for the other major games coming out this year now as well. After seeing Mad Max: Fury Road on Friday, I’m super excited to play the Mad Max game in development at Avalanche Studios, which also makes me excited to play Just Cause 3, and Batman: Arkham Knight and so on. The crazy part is, we haven’t even had E3 yet and there’s still plenty of stuff left to be announced.

I honestly haven’t been this excited for E3 in a while and that’s saying something. The last E3 that wowed me was when Uncharted 2 was shown off, and I’m expecting that kind of E3 this year, especially with all the extra conferences were getting this year. However, I am scared for my well being during that week as I don’t think I’ll be able to leave my computer desk until the conference is entirely over.


So, what have you been up to for the past week? Let us know in the comments section and be sure to enter the giveaway just below which features a Steam code for The Forest!

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Nick Calandra
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  1. Played a little Shovel Knight and Battlefield 4 this weekend.

    1. Still haven’t finished the Battlefield 4 campaign because it reset me so many freaking times. Got tired of playing through the same missions over and over again haha.

  2. I played some Dark Souls II on PC on the weekend, one of my characters got stuck at infinite loading screen during fast travel. Quit the game and tried to go back on that character but I kept getting stuck at a never ending loading screen. Can’t find a fix for it. My guess is the save file is corrupted.
    Decided to finally install the Witcher 2 on PC and it runs pretty good on high settings. Played it until I got to Flotsam.

  3. My shitty internet connection made preloading the long awaited Witcher III a pain in the ass. I thought it was over but there is this update for decryption that takes forever now. I can’t wait m8 I can’t wait!

    1. Ha, tell me about it. Paying for 50 mbps through SuddenLink and even with a direct connection into my router I was only getting 6mpbs at most.

  4. Played The Sims a little bit too much these days ^^

  5. My past week was finishing A Wizard’s Lizard achievements, couldn’t get the final 2 achievements, the merchants murderer achievement no matter how many times I try I can’t unlock it, it’s a really frustrating bug on that game.
    Then after finishing that game started playing The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth which is a game I really love very much and is perfect for me, just need always to be updated with new items =)

  6. I played Civilization V this week. Again.

  7. One more turn, of Civ V, as usual.

  8. I lost all my stuff in DayZ a few days ago, it was very frustrating and I think The Forest would be a good alternative for a change.

  9. Guild Wars 2 and its quests. Also some World of Warcraft. MMORPG oriented but not only.

    1. Been thinking about grabbing a copy of Guild Wars 2, but I’m a bit more interested in picking up ESO when it comes out for consoles.

  10. I broke down and bought Axiom Verge. What a great game! It just keeps calling me back.

  11. I played Battlefield Hardline at a friends house. It was really fun.

  12. Went back on my Xbox 360 and played a little Skyrim. went to try out the Dawnguard dlc that I bought ages ago. My game and Xbox froze a few times so I quit. I switched over to Metro: Last Light and was having a great time with that. The stealth was a little too easy compared to Metro 2033’s stealth though.

    1. Play it on Ranger mode and you won’t be saying that ;P

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