Orphan Kickstarter Campaign Succeeds, PS4 Stretch Goal in Reach

With a little under nine hours to go, Orphan, the Kickstarter project from Tennessee-based Windy Hill Studio has surpassed it’s modest $32,000 goal. The game already has more than a year of development under its belt and as you can see from the latest trailer, it looks very pretty and the developer says that the core mechanics are pretty much all in place.

The game takes the increasingly-popular 2d silhouette-style made most famous by the fantastic Limbo. Adding some excellent lighting, and beautiful color, animated backgrounds further enhances the style. The trailer also showcases off some bright, high-quality particle effects. The story follows a young boy, possibly the only survivor of an alien invasion. A Biblical voice-over prepares the world for the end times.

Orphan seeks to take it cues from a classic line-up of platforming games:

Orphan focuses on immersive gameplay, visuals and atmosphere and channels classics like Another World, Blackthorne and Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysey, with a touch of Journey to Silius.

The focus will be on stealth and exploration in the U.S. Appalachian regional settings, with caves, rivers, coal mines and country fields amongst the varied settings to explore. The developer also promises a good amount of re-playability and trophy hunting for those looking for a little more bang for their buck.

Orphan is targeted for PC/Steam, Mac and Linux, with a stretch goal of reaching the PS4, which is currently less than $1,000 away from being met.

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