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Outer Wilds Confirmed to be a Timed Exclusive on the Epic Games Store



Outer Wilds

Mobius’s crowdfunded game, Outer Wilds, will be a timed exclusive on the Epic Games Store.

On the crowdfunding website Fig, Mobius confirmed that the game will be launching on Xbox One and Epic Games Store on PC first, with additional platforms coming later:

“Throughout the development of the game, we’ve welcomed helpful partnerships with Annapurna Interactive, XBox, and Epic to support us and keep our small studio running long enough to ship the game at the level of quality that it is today. Each of these partnerships has enabled us to make the game better and more accessible for everyone who will play it.”

However, some fans are not very happy with this announcement. One person on the Fig page exclaimed, “Very disappointed with Epic exclusivity. I’ve been looking forward to this game since that public beta demo released years and years ago. As one of your earliest fans, it sucks that I have to wait even longer to play on my platform of choice.”

Outer Wilds is the second crowdfunded game to become an Epic Games Store timed exclusive, the first one being Snapshot Games’s Phoenix Point. One fact worth noting is that Snapshot Games offered refunds for backers who were upset about the timed exclusivity announcement of the game, while Mobius has not mentioned whether or not backers of the Outer Wilds will have the option. Several users on ResetEra commented, “Phoenix Point did refunds at least. Wonder if they’ll do so there too” and “I sure hope they offer refunds to backers who paid expecting this to be on Steam.”

Epic Games has caused quite a stir in the PC gaming community this year, snatching up timed exclusives for both indie titles such as Close to the Sun and Hades, as well as blockbuster AAA titles like Borderlands 3 and Metro Exodus.

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Decide France’s Industrial Future in New Railway Empire DLC



Railway Empire France gameplay screenshot

Kalypso Media has announced new downloadable content for its rail management simulator title Railway Empire.

In the new ‘France’ DLC, players can build their railway in the wake of the exile of Emperor Napoleon III. The Third Republic has taken power following the collapse of the French monarchy, so players have the power to decide the industrial future of France.

Players can decide to help rebuild the country’s infrastructure (alongside the new “Eiffel Tower”), or to increase the strength of the country’s borders to prepare for military conflict.

The DLC is set between 1874–1890 and adds 10 train engines, over 12 tradeable goods, and 31 new cities, as well as new songs and characters. The map can be played in the Free Game and Sandbox modes.

Railway Empire: ‘France’ is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One for US$12.99. The game has also received a new update (Update 1.9).

Check out the trailer for the new DLC below.

OnlySP’s Rhain Radford-Burns discussed the importance of Railway Empire in the wider genre of historical games, noting that “the developer grants an insight into the importance of such seemingly menial tasks.”

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