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Overcome the Cretan Labyrinth in Theseus for VR

Theseus is a new virtual reality-based game that will pit players as the eponymous character from Ancient Greek myth as he aims to overcome the Labyrinth and kill the Minotaur at its heart.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the game appears to draw aesthetic inspiration from the God of War series, featuring a stylised realism and horrific interpretations of the mythological creatures that populate the world. For a narrative standpoint, however, the game is more thoroughly grounded in the mythology, taking a single event as its basis.

As Theseus, players will find their way through the maze, guided by the voice of the princess Ariadne and a beacon of light, which together lead to the Minotaur. The journey will be fraught, however, with players having to use a range of different methods of traversal to find their way to the centre of the Labyrinth.

As with Insomniac’s Edge of Nowhere, Theseus presents players with a third-person perspective, and focuses on the cinematic aspects of the gameplay to generate an immersive and intense experience. Furthermore, although the game appears suited to standard platforms, the developers claim that Theseus is being built from the ground-up for virtual reality. The debut gameplay for the project is embedded below:

Theseus is the latest effort from Italian studio Forge Reply, and the team’s first foray into virtual reality development. The game will launch first on PlayStation VR in Summer 2017 before coming to the various other platforms at a later, unspecified date.

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