OnlySP Delves Into Phantom8’s Pychothriller Past Cure

Past Cure

The latest video to be added to OnlySP’s growing video gallery is the first entry in the Content Tourism series, offering an extended look at Phantom8’s thriller, Past Cure.

Past Cure is the debut effort of Berlin-based indie developer Phantom8. The Inception-inspired project follows an ex-soldier, Ian, who attempts to piece together his memory through a combination of stealth and action gameplay. The cinematic adventure looks to combine a revenge tale with a psychological thriller, following Ian as he confronts the men who have wronged him and begins to question the nature of sanity.

Phantom8 has promised the game will deliver an interesting “two-world” dynamic, with each world having its own rules and mechanics. The project aims to raise profound questions about the price of sanity, the morality of science, and the impact dreams have upon motivation. Thematically, Past Cure looks to land somewhere between the aesthetic sensibilities of Alan Wake and a Lynchian wet dream. The project skulks out of the shadows on February 23 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, but be sure check out Matthew Falconer’s preview  below before then.

The Content Tourism series will take an extended look at the mechanics and atmosphere of certain games in a longer format.

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