Pathologic 2

Pathologic 2 has puzzled many gamers with its half-sequel, half-remake status, with producer Andrei Podoprigora struggling to define which camp the game falls into in a recent PAX East interview.

Speaking to Game Reactor, Podoprigora  stated that Pathologic 2 ” is a [revised] version of the game, it’s somewhere between a remake and a sequel.”

The sequel’s odd duality likely comes from its idiosyncrasies, with 2005’s Pathologic being so fiercely unique that the developer Ice-Pick Lodge saw little need to change much. The sequel will preserve “the town and the characters in the game [as] more-or-less the same, but the story is so much deeper and so much more revised,” hence its difficulty attaining categorisation.

Much like its predecessor, the sequel will see players assuming the role of a foreign doctor as they attempt to stem the flow of plague. Eventually, the plague takes somewhat of a backseat as the strange town of Pathologic descends into the most uncanny sense of horror.

Pathologic 2 is set to release May 23 on PC, with an Xbox One version coming later in the year.

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