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Weekly Updates Coming to Tactical RPG Pathway




In a recent developer log, Robotality announced a weekly update structure to fix lingering issues surrounding the newly released title Pathway.

In yesterday’s Steam post, the team announced that every Wednesday new the team will rollout updates to a preview branch of the game where the public can test and share feedback on the changes. After a week of being in the preview build, the updates will be pushed to the full game.

Robotality noted that, depending on each update’s reception, some of the changes may be held back for further tweaking.

Some of the changes coming as part of this new update cycle include improved damage information, rebalanced loot distribution, and reworks to the perk branches.

OnlySP’s Rebecca Hills-Duty called the game “decent” in her review, which can be read here.

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New Footage Shows Off PlayStation 5 Loading Times



Marvel's Spider-Man PlayStation 4 Loading PS5

New footage has emerged demonstrating the loading times of Sony’s upcoming PlayStation console.

The Wall Street Journal technology reporter Takashi Mochizuki posted a video on Twitter showing off the new console’s loading times in Marvel’s Spider-Man. While the PlayStation 4 Pro takes 8.1 seconds to load an area, the next generation console takes 0.83 seconds.

The video also demonstrates the speed at which the upcoming console loads the game world in Marvel’s Spider-Man; while the PS4 Pro stutters while loading in the buildings of the open world, the next generation console speeds through the world without any noticeable lag.

Check out the full video below.

Sony confirmed the first details of its upcoming console last month, revealing that it will be backwards compatible and feature much more advanced technology than the PS4. OnlySP’s Daniel Pereira felt that the beefy specifications may not be entirely necessary for the console.

A sequel to Marvel’s Spider-Man may be in the works, if recent job advertisements at Insomniac Games are any indication.

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