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ID@Xbox director Chris Charla has claimed that research shows Xbox Game Pass subscribers purchase more games after joining. spoke to Charla after Microsoft’s E3 2019 conference about Xbox’s plan to release over 20 ID@Xbox games onto Game Pass. Charla shared his insights and explained why the platform holder has opted to launch indie games using Xbox’s subscription and streaming services.

According to Charla, Microsoft has accrued data (both public and private) which shows positive results from including titles into Game Pass. The research indicates that people not only play more games but crucially spend more money on games outside the Game Pass too. Chala went on to mention:

“We know people play more games once they’re Game Pass members, they spend more money. They buy more games. They buy games outside of Game Pass. So it’s been a great thing for the ecosystem overall.”

Xbox’s announcement to boost the number of ID@Xbox games onto the Game Pass can be attributed to potential commercial profit. However, Charla also explained that when a title is included on the Game Pass it benefits both players and developers predominately because titles benefit from increased visibility.

[Game Pass] been a [really] successful thing for both players and developers, a great way for players to find their next favourite game.” He continued, “It’s been an awesome way for people to discover new games. And for developers, discovery and curation are some of the biggest challenges they face. In a large sense, it solves a lot of the discoverability problems by making sure their game can be immediately played by millions of fans.”

Furthermore, Microsoft will also be rolling Game Pass out to PC gamers which could mean that even more ID@Xbox games could be announced onto Game Pass in the future.

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