Phantom Doctrine

Phantom Doctrine Brings Back Cold War Spy Strategy Next Month

CreativeForge has set a mid-August release date for its Cold War thriller, Phantom Doctrine.

The turn-based strategy game, which pits players as the leader of a secret organisation endeavouring to end a global conspiracy to reignite the Cold War, is slated to launch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on August 14.

For its core gameplay, the title draws from the likes of XCOM, but aims to provide “next-generation turn-based combat,” incorporating real-time elements, as well as variations on traditional skills such as Overwatch.

Beyond the battles, Phantom Doctrine is said to include more than 40 hours of content, which includes a robust investigation board mechanic that provide players with an ever-expanding set of missions, tools, and clues.

The title will also invite replayability through the inclusion of two different protagonists—a former member of either the KGB or CIA—though the narratives converge, as well as maps that employ a form of procedural generation to ensure that each playthrough offers a different experience.

In many ways, Phantom Doctrine is an expansion on the ideas of CreativeForge’s previous game, Hard West, a supernatural Western-themed strategy game that was lauded for its style, though its gameplay received a more mixed response.

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