Forza Horizon Developer Confirms New Project is an RPG

Playground Games

After announcing plans to branch out beyond the Forza Horizon series earlier this year, Playground Games has revealed its new project is an RPG.

Back in February, the developer announced plans to open a second studio to lead development on a new non-racing open-world IP, codenamed Project 2. Yesterday, the developer revealed via Twitter that the game will be an RPG of some description, though further details were not forthcoming.

The revelation comes as part of confirmation that Playground Games has secured a new development space at St Albans House in Leamington Spa, only half a mile away from its current home. Refurbishments at the new location are set to begin immediately, with the developer occupying the entire building by the end of 2018. The new studio is required as the team seeks to almost double its current staff from 115 to almost 200 as work ramps up on Project 2.

Playground Games has made a name for itself through the Forza Horizon series, which offers an arcade-influenced open-world take on Microsoft’s flagship Forza Motorsport franchise.

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