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Leaked PlayStation 5 Specifications Indicate Massive Upgrade Over Xbox One X



PlayStation 5

Leaks of PlayStation 5 technical specifications have arisen after major developers are rumored to receive development kits.

The leaked specifications of the PS5 show it will come with built in VR capabilities, along with a GPU based on AMD’s Navi technology and an eight-core customised Zen CPU. The Navi GPU architecture has been estimated by one source to operate at 50TFLOPs+ half precision and 30TFLOPs single precision with between 16 and 128GB of “Nexgen Memory” RAM. Meanwhile, an off-the-shelf eight-core Zen CPU has a clock rate of 3.4-4.1GHz. Such specs compared to the 6TFLOPs, 12GB of RAM, and 2.3 GHz processor of the Xbox One X will make the PlayStation 5 the new ‘world’s most powerful console.’

Earlier this week, the technology news website, SemiAccurate, reported that major game development companies have been given PS5 development kits. This claim gains credence from a number of recent events. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice developer Ninja Theory recently posted a job posting referencing “next generation melee action.” Meanwhile, last month CD Projekt RED raised rumors that its next game, Cyberpunk 2077, will be ready for next-generation consoles, helping suggest that the PS5 is in the hands of developers, with statements saying that its technology is “ready to interface with future generations” and that Cyberpunk 2077 is “very advanced.”.

The SemiAccurate article predicts a 2018 release date for the console. However, that estimate is countered by technology analyst Michael Pacher after Wccftech reached out to ask his opinion on a release date. Pacher claims a “25% [probability of release] next year and 75% in 2020.” A latter release date would make sense, giving the the developers enough time to work with the development kits and produce launch titles. Pachter stated on The 1099 podcast that Sony is “not going to launch the PS5 until sales momentum for the PS4 slows,” yet the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro are still selling well.

The PS4 released in 2013, and the PS4 Pro released in 2016, meaning that if Sony is to continue that release timeline, then a 2019 PS5 launch is possible. However, if the company wants to wait a couple more years for the PS4 Pro to live out a more normal console cycle, then to suggest the PS5 will come out late 2020 or early-to-mid 2021 may be more accurate.. At present, Sony and third party studios are putting out more titles that have Pro support, growing that initially small library and increasing the potential lifespan of the mid-generation console.

Pacher predicts that, in the future, Sony will phase out the base PS4 and make the PS4 Pro the only model available, with a reduced price of USD$250. The PS5 will then become Sony’s dedicated 4K machine.

Last year, Pacher predicted that Sony would not price the PS5 at or above $500 if the the Xbox One X does not sell well enough to indicate that people are willing to pay for the high specifications. Microsoft has not yet revealed the sales statistics of the Xbox One X, which may show that sales have not been what was expected, helping solidify the supposition that the PS5 will be sold for less than $500 and possibly closer to the initial $400 price point of the PS4.

Sony may be working on a stellar line-up of launch titles with Death Stranding, The Last Of Us Part II, Days Gone, and Ghost of Tsushima being some of the company’s first-party games in development but no confirmed release date.

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Animal Farm Developer Talks Challenges of Adaptation



Animal Farm

While details of the upcoming Animal Farm game remain scant, one of the key developers, Imre Jele, has opened up about the process of adapting George Orwell’s classic text.

Jele took to the stage during University College London’s recent event ‘Rebel? Prophet? Relic? Perspectives on George Orwell in 2019’ to discuss the inspirations and challenges the team has faced. While no transcript of the talk is available, sources from the event took to Twitter to share some of Jele’s insights.

Perhaps most notable is the statement (via the event’s official Twitter page) that “We didn’t want Animal Farm in space—we just wanted Animal Farm, as it was in the text.” This desire separates the project from other adaptations such as Dante’s Inferno or American McGee’s Alice that take considerable liberties with their source material. At the same time, the political nature of the book means that the game should offer more than simple entertainment:

However, these goals are complicated by the fact that, according to Jele (via The Orwell Foundation) that the team is “constantly encountering the problem: at what point in the story would Orwell allow the the reader—the player—to make choices?”

Jele also discussed his own history with the book, which he first experienced as a child in Russian-occupied Hungary, and how it related to his family’s political opinions.

The game was first announced almost two years ago and described as an “adventure-tycoon” experience, though relatively few concrete details have yet been made available. At present, only a PC launch is confirmed with consoles a possibility, while no release window has been announced.

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