Playstation Now Won’t Give you Access to a Digital Copy of Games you Own on Disc


Playstation Now was unveiled to the world yesterday as the Gaikai powered streaming service that will bring PSOne, PS2, and PS3 games to the PS4.

In an interview with CVG, John Koller explained that users who already own copies of their games in a physical form on PS3 or older platforms will not be able to get a digital copy of their game for free. At least not yet they won’t.

When asked if owners will simply have to put a PS3 disc into the PS4, Koller said, “We… uh, initially, no. So, we’re saying no to that right now.” CVG went a step further and asked if this was even a feature Sony was looking into. Koller responded with a resounding “no”.

It’ll be interesting to see if Sony offers some sort of discount for games you already own or if there’s just a one time subscription fee to access the games in the library like OnLive did with it’s Playpack.

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Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. I think if you buy the game in physical form, you should automatically be able to download the digital version for free, but have to keep the disc in to play. Stupidity to buy a game twice!! Money grabbers!!

    1. I am betting with all the bad press against MS the system will resemble exactly what you said. Although playing games in the cloud isn’t really a digital copy.

    2. It doesn’t sound like your buying or own anything your paying for a subscription service like Netflix. Your streaming not paying for a digital copy

      1. In 2014 I am floored by how few people understand the concepts of a product, a license and a service. Everything is just gimme gimme gimme and if you don’t you are a dick. LOL

      2. You’ve nailed it. This is the new model — for software and anything used via the net. We’re being forced into a position where we will have to buy a license each year or lose the option to use. Plenty of us have software that’s several years old because we have no need for the new features, but we _won’t_ be able to do that under this new approach. And manufacturers will _not_ lower prices. They’ll distribute the cost over a longer period so it will look less expensive at the front end. But over time we will end up paying more.

        1. Shoot look at what Microsoft has done with their software……subscription based office with yearly dues!!

      3. exactly, you do not download the game, the game is streamed to your device in real time so it has nothing to do with digital version of the games. This service will be very similar to netflix service but for older games

      4. Exactly. Just like Netflix you’re not owning anything, just a subscription for streaming games. I actually don’t own any PS3 game and I see this as a chance to play the good ones I missed on my Vita.

    3. Agree, makes sense to pay a small fee too. $5..? Bandwidth cost money. But Not charging for that bandwidth guarantees massive popularity. So maybe no fee or reduced fee for PS+.

      But what I want is the PS+ collection to stream for free. That would destroy competition, even mobile market.

    4. Physical and digital version is clearly different from each other, different forms of distribution and incur different and separate cost.
      They could offer a discount though if you already have the disc.

    5. Why does that sound familiar? oh wait its the X1 b4 the policy changes maybe it wasn’t a bad idea after all…

    6. Maybe not keep the disc in the whole time but it has to be in there to “Start” playing. Like COD Ghosts. Doesn’t matter to me either way but I won’t be buying digital versions of games I physically own. My PS2 still works just fine, so does my PS3.

    7. You think Sony is the only, Microsoft is the huge money grabber around. Cares nothing but buying PS4 games to their console, buying developers, not letting the PS4 get Titanfall, etc, etc.

  2. I hope they do introduce something akin to OnLive’s playpack. For $9.99 a month you got access to a full library of games to play. If I were Sony I’d offer it in a tiered form. If you want games from PSOne/PS2 era, maybe $9.99 a month. If you want games from the PS3 included with that $15.99 a month. PSPlus subs get a discount. That’s just what I’d do.

    1. not ever one can afford that such pricing.

      1. And yet, World of Warcraft exists with millions of players. Odd, huh.

        1. haha true and their all fools ! ;)

        2. @obviousanswerobliviousposter:disqus

          Excellent point kind sir!

      2. Really? With all due respect, I actually happen to think $10/$16 is fairly cheap considering the amount of content you’re getting and the quality of that content

        1. you seem to know more about it, tell me how it works.

          1. Seriously? Have you never used the internet before?

          2. I wana know how the playstaion now works, do i have to buy each game? Whatsthe subscription fee, etc etc.

            Since you and darthdiggler know hwo it works, go ahead and tell me.

          3. Okay now you’re being deliberately stupid

          4. seriously? I am asking you how exactly this service works. Do you have to pay a subcription or you have to buy the games?

          5. Do something better with your
            life than hate on a piece of
            plastic……’re disgustingly pathetic and need to get mental help..

      3. @hesoyamdonMonster:disqus

        not ever one can afford that such pricing.

        So what?

        There are a great many things that many people can’t afford. I can’t afford the car of my dreams.

        Why is your comment even relevant?

        IMHO if you can’t afford video games you have more important issues to deal with other than recreation.

        1. Please try to keep it off a personal level.

          1. @Nick_Cal:disqus
            Please explain how my general comment was a personal attack. If you can’t afford games you likely have bigger priorities in your life. Like obtaining employment in order to feed your gaming passion. :) This wasn’t directed at an individual, it’s sound advice.

            I just find it hard to stomach these “woe is me the poor gamer” when the gaming industry rakes in billions. It is much better to be a price-conscience gamer today than it was years ago. Years ago you had few options for better pricing, today you have many and the console manufacturers generally position their last gen offering as the value offering when the next gen is released. You don’t need to pay top dollar if you have a little patience.

          2. Just this part – “IMHO if you can’t afford video games you have more important issues to deal with other than recreation.”

            The person you were referring to could take that as a small insult. We just try to keep the comment here focused on the discussion of the topic and friendly. Not a big issue, just doing the job :)

          3. @Nick_Cal:disqus

            I am fairly brash I call a spade a spade and honestly I just don’t buy this “poor gamer” line. I understand there are people less fortunate than me that want to game and there are avenues for that (as I explained in my previous comment).

            We can’t base pricing on brand new products and services based on what the poor can pay. There likely wouldn’t be any room for profits and the company providing the service would suffer. The model we generally use today is the latest and greatest generally come at a premium especially if it is a business model that competitors can’t easily replicate. As time churns on and new products and services come out the pricing on the old products and services will surely fall (supply vs. demand), thus giving less fortunate players a jump in point.

            I still stand by what I say…

            IMHO if you can’t afford video games you have more important issues to deal with other than recreation.

            That isn’t directed at any one individual.

          4. He is a huge sony pony, the definition of sony pony is a fanboy that tries to defend sony even on irrelevant things becuase he is a huge fanboy.

          5. I can attest to that darthdiggler rides Sony Epenls all day, he defends them i don’t think he even gets paid

          6. he does nothing but defend sony.

            Hardware? “ps4 has some secret sony sauce in it” and claims he makes “systems” what kinda of systems he hasnt clarified.

            He defend sony policies and irrelvant crap like this.

            Truly he has nothing else to do than be a sony excuser maker.

        2. Your comment is a little mean, but rings very true

    2. Pretty much everyone with a PS4 is a PSPlus subscriber

      1. Most PS3 owners joined PSN, but only a fraction paid into Plus. Plus and Now on the PS4, due to cost, most won’t bother with it.

    3. @Nick_Cal:disqus

      So you were the guy that bought OnLIve. :) LOL

      I am still waiting on Phantom. I hold out hope for 2014. :) HAHAHAHA

    4. It’ll never happen. Each game will be priced individually. More money for Sony. On top of PlayStation Plus, the mass will pass on it. As a matter of fact, most PS3 owners (for example), passed on PlayStation Plus, even though it’s only £40 a year. Knock it out rock bottom cheap and nearly every console owner will jump aboard.

    5. That’s a good price!

  3. it’s all about the money..still lokking forward to it

    1. That’s business for ya haha.

      1. LOL I bet someone about twice a month gives you a pay check so you get out of bed in the morning.

        1. Can’t tell if that was supposed to be an insult or not? (Ha?) Nobody gives us a paycheck here. If you can prove otherwise please do so.

          1. @Nick_Cal:disqus

            Not an insult at all, but I was being a smartass. I worked with some web-entities too and I suspect that one of the reasons that ad revenues are so low is because of the subsidies in over-head that volunteer writers provide.

            I do hope that this is not your only gig and you have alternate income to cover your bills. If that is the case, you have an incentive in the form of a pay-check to be there.

          2. Lol alright good deal. Nah man, I’m a college student doing this because I love it and learning management at the same time :)

          3. LOL well if your experience is anything like mine your management training likely resembles baby-sitting training. :) LOL But good luck man, it’s rough out there. Do your self a favor and air on the side of intelligence over controversy your audience will appreciate it in the long run.

            Kudos for not being overly simplistic with the quotes in this article to try to add some sensationalism into the mix. However you may want to touch on the aspects of cloud’s cost due to the infrastructure investment and upkeep. I think many people are leaving that out of the equation about PS Now.

  4. XBO FTW!

    1. LOL your enthusiasm is greatly misplaced. :)

      1. ….say’s the pony! Lol

        1. DarthD is the princess Kenny of Sony trolls lol :-)

          1. And you are the Queen of Hearts of xbot trolls.

          2. Go play your knack, and calm your tits :-)

          3. I’m just defending the ps4 from xbot trolls like you. This is about ps4 not xbox. But once again here you are spewing your hate for ps4 and anyone that has it.

          4. Brian lee the Sony pony trolling unpaid from his love of PS they should make a movie about you….call it the 26yr old virgin haha

          5. “Hey everyone my names Mrteapot and I like to insult people because it makes me feel good because my life sucks and I’m stuck with my xbox!”

          6. Hope you’ve got the pointless flaming out of your systems now. Any further comments in this vein will be deleted.

          7. And btw hows Max and Ryse?

          8. …and dead rising, forza, killer instinct and soon titanfall. Pretty good :-)
            How’s umm resogun?

          9. Dead rising same as 1 & 2. Forza I doubt you have it. Niche market. Titanfall unproven. And Resogun and don’t starve are pretty fun btw, thanks for asking. Hows all your 720p games?

  5. They don’t usually give a “resounding no” to something this obvious.
    Boy, I hope Sony doesn’t drop the ball with this one

    1. @Losyak:disqus

      The problem is if you own the game or not, it will still cost Sony money to host that session via the Cloud. Ownership doesn’t make the service any cheaper for them, so I can understand them being so coy with this issue.

      I bet they want to try to find a way to accommodate previous generation game owners without soaking the people that do not.

      1. So you need to own the games to use that service or you will have to buy each one?

  6. I’m rather against this decision but at the same time, I feel that if Sony allowed for users to “digitally download” PS3 games they already owned, the case would be made to do the same for PS2 and then for PS1/PSX which would result in a huge loss of money. While I’m not supporting the fact that you can’t access digital copies of games you already have, people need to realise that if Sony didn’t implement a fee for all games, they would lose a lot of money. Many people buy “digital/HD remasters” of games and I feel that Playstation Now would be incredibly similar, just a different format.

    1. Why do you care, you sound very invested in the thought of SONY making money as if you’re working for them. You’re the consumer, you should be interested in what features it have to offer and nothing more.

      Personally I feel SONY missed the ball here in not working on a software backward compatibility from the start, it’s not impossible, the PS3 technically could run all PS2 games in software backward compatibility down to the Super Slim reduced functionality models. SONY took it out in claim of cost, but in actuality they took it out because they want to make every penny off the consumer. PlayStation homebrew crew which SONY did a good job of going after last gen, discovered this dirty little secret that SONY didn’t want us to know. I’m ashamed of what SONY’s turned into, they weren’t acting under this attitude back in the turn of the century, when the PS2 arrived and when the PS3 initially arrived, SONY went out of their way to not only keep backward compatibility for it’s customers but keep the system loaded with options to make it stand out ahead of the competition. SONY sans 2009 is a disgrace, they’ve turned into Microsoft and only caring about their own bottom dollar.

      1. “Why do you care, you sound very invested in the thought of SONY making money as if you’re working for them. You’re the consumer, you should be interested in what features it have to offer and nothing more.”

        That’s just the thing, I am the consumer and I want Sony to make money off of this to help finance more future projects such as Gaikai or even other games they wish to invest money. If Sony benefits from this and using that benefit to help keep the progress wheels turning, then I’m perfectly OK with it.

        With regards to Sony turning into Microsoft? Frankly, I think Sony have turned around their terrible start into the last gen thanks to Playstation Plus and the solid free games we’ve been getting for the past year or so. They’re going a good job to keep consumers happy, I feel.

  7. I wouldn’t use this service then, it’s kind of stupid really, they should of just made the ps4 bc, Oh I forgot it’s all about the $, although I kinda think this May lead to the ps5 being a small box like live but better.

  8. If you have the original game, then chances are you have the original console to play it on. The only complaint here is laziness. Sony are now providing a service to those who missed out or wish to relive old classics they no longer own. No one is forcing you to use this service. I personally am happy that it’s being provided at all, and that I have the option to play old classics. to all you whingers out there: Tough titties.

  9. I’d prefer the likely option of some form of cheap subscription service, like maybe $15/mo. PlayStation 1 and 2 games aren’t really worth any more than that regardless of their gaming value and how much fun they are, though the more recent PS3 games might up the price a bit higher than I would be comfortable with..

  10. I understand that Gaikai buying and investment needs to be profitable at some point… i mean are you really gonna buy in 2 years a game you were never interested into 10 years ago?? no, you wanna play with games you already own while your old system is broken, and thats what sony is betting on: Ps2 and ps3 broken systems and people with a lot of games on it. Even if i hate this shit… well, i kinda saw that comming. i’d rather stack up on ps2 and 3 systems if i were you…

    1. I don’t think that’s it at all. If I have 10 ps3 games and you have 10 and so on and so forth, how many people will be downloading free games and for how long? It doesn’t work like that. Netflix doesn’t work like that so why should this?

  11. So, on top of PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Now is going to cost a packet with games being priced individually. Fair enough, PlayStation Now might come with some perks, but it just isn’t worth it. The whole download a game and DLC for a price doesn’t appeal to most, otherwise Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo would be making a killing. Look at the prices of digital PS3 and PS4 games, they’re at laughable prices. I couldn’t care less about old games when new consoles come out. If you’re into old games, keep your old consoles. You’ve paid your money (for a game on disc), but Sony want you to pay again. Money to burn if you pay into this sort of thing. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are laughing at you.

  12. Then whats the bloody point? One, why would you pay for a game that you already own just to play on the PS3? Two, why would you want to play a PS3 game if you own a PS4?

  13. Well, this is awkward…

  14. So you need to buy the games to play them, you cant play whatever you want via subscription.

  15. Why isn’t this being left up to the game makers? If the company making a game wants to make it available for PS4 to users who already have a PS3 version, why is Sony barring them?

  16. This PoS service is going to fail so hard it’s going to be fun to Watch $0N¥ burn even more with their overhype that won’t deliver.

    1. 4.2 mil overhype huh? I can see why you signed in as a guest. Lol

  17. Welcome to the wonderful RENTAL world of $0N¥ PauperStation, WHERE YOU DON’T OWN ANYTHING ANYMORE and they still get your money because you’re the idiots that fall for it.

    1. Lets see, does MS have a cloud service yet? Nope. Do they have the ability to give you 360 or the original Xbone games? Nope. At least sony is doing something. And they said yet. Do you know how hard that would be to give hundreds of millions of games free to everyone that has one? Thats like if netflix decided to give people free copies of movies they already own. They would never be able to keep up and it would always be down. This such a fanboy article, not talking about the upside of gaikai only negativity.

  18. Fuck that noise.

    That’s why people shouldn’t sell their old systems.

  19. When I bought Assassin’s Creed 4 for PS#, they included a code for me to buy the game for the PS4. At $10

  20. sony fucked up big time on this most of theps3 games sucked but I mean damn im not buying them again you greedy japs

  21. “…atleast, not yet we won’t.”

    Seems that we have to wait. But the only thing I want to know if you can digitally download PS1, PS2 and PS3 games to the PS4 by streaming because: 1)I don’t have a PS1 or PS2, 2) I don’t have a credit card and 3) Many games are discontinued in stores.

    Anyway, I don’t care tht you can’t get the free version. As long that I can digitally download PS1, PS2 and discontinued PS3 games to the PS4, then is okay with me. Besides, who cares if Sony are “money grabbers”. Microsoft is also a money grabber, same with Nintendo (at other times). All the game companies are “money grabbers” because they need money for their stuff. Is not like you get money by just making games or wishing them.

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  23. Ok ..I have a ps3 now ..I have Ghosts and the CD is scratched and it freezes after 5 mins of playing …can I get a digital copy somehow so I can play still or is my game garbage now

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