Television Show Teases “Historic” Pokémon News for Thursday

Television Show

Some “historic” Pokémon news is rumored to be revealed this week if an announcement from a Japanese television show is anything to go on.

Oha Suta, the children’s television show in question, says it has some Pokémon news to air on May 31 that will “shock the world.”

Writing this potential news off as nothing but a small announcement would normally be easy, but the details point to a much larger reveal. For example, Oha Suta describes the event as “a moment a new story begins.” The timing of this announcement relative to Nintendo’s E3 Direct suggests that Oha Suta is not teasing Pokémon anime related news.

Rumors of all kinds circulate the internet as E3 draws nearer, so everything listed as a rumor should be taken with a grain of salt. That said, the next mainline Pokémon game is already confirmed to be in production, so more information should be available soon.

Whatever Oha Suta plans to reveal this Thursday, be sure to keep checking in with OnlySP on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube for everything single-player and Pokémon related.

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