Update: It looks like Neversoft is indeed working on a Call of Duty project. Checkout the second linkedin picture.

Update 2: Neversoft’s website makes it pretty clear they’re working on Call of Duty..

Update 3: Gaming press duped again – https://hmcindie.deviantart.com/art/Getting-Ready-for-War-339654723

An image was recently posted online that shows the date 11-11-13 for what seems to be a teaser poster for the next Call of Duty. One thing to note in the image is that the Neversoft logo is down in the bottom left corner. Upon looking at the Linkedin profiles of a few employees, it seems Neversoft is indeed working on a unannounced first person shooter.

With the possible announcement of the next-generation Xbox coming soon, we can only imagine that a new Call of Duty game will come along with it. Looking at the image below, there’s not really any clues as to whether it’s another entry in the Modern Warfare series, or something new.


Confirmed linkedin listing of Neversoft’s involvment on a Call of Duty project.


Here’s the linkedin profile listing.



Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

Company who hosted the Xbox E3 2012 presentation just registered XboxEvent.com

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  1. Another World War II Call of Duty game would be really awesome. Something with a story line like Call of Duty Big Red One.

  2. It’s been no secret that neversoft are working on a Call of Duty title for some time. It was announced last year – I even was sat on a plane next to the voice of Captain Price who confirmed to me the existence of Modern Warfare 4 – which was later thrown back in my face, but it was pretty obvious this picture was fake…

    Call of Duty would not release on a Monday !!

  3. good stuff!

    i like how you also deeped on the CV and included that.

    many people just post images and publish it that way.

    now I believe this is for real.

    what games did Neversoft made?

    i need to know because I get excited about this and approve of this decision.

    it feels like Black Ops style kind of game:/


  5. Ok first if you look at the words under the date they say “ready to get back to basics?”. Possibly meaning they going back to wwii? Plus if you look at the gun hes holding in his right hand those little lines on it are the same as on a colt m1911. If this picture is real, which im highly doubting since its too early to really want the game, that would most likely mean that the game would be set atleast earlier than the latest iw game. Mw3

  6. what is “get ready to basic?”?
    i think that cod will be back like the first cod (cod 1) with historical moment and infinityward always focusses on story and character…

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