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Pre-Alpha Version of Sci-Fi Adventure Tether Coming to




Following its first-person narrative adventure Tether being put on indefinite hiatus, Freesphere Entertainment has decided to upload the current build of the game to

While no hard timeframe has been set for the launch, the studio’s creative director Mark Gregory told OnlySP that the game should be available in the relatively near future, with the team focused on bug fixes and ensuring that the release is scalable across hardware of all levels.

The build is expected to include approximately 45 minutes of gameplay, showing off the high level of environmental interaction and time-bending mechanical complexity that the project promised. Additionally, gamers will be able to access to project for free, though Freesphere will provide prospective customers with the option to show their support through donations.

However, Gregory is careful to note that the intention is not to raise interest or funding for the project but for the studio as a whole to work on other smaller creative projects:

“It’s more about having it published and out there so that the team members who have worked on it for the last two years actually have something that they can point to as they try to look for other opportunities. […] There’s no point of their work living on only on our servers.”

Additionally, the game’s composer, Edward Schenian, has put his work on the game on Bandcamp for interested users to sample. Although the donation option is enabled, Freesphere will receive no money from any sales.

Tether was put on hold earlier this year after almost two years of self-funded development. The game was intended to cast players as a mother separated from her family while on a mission to save the Earth from environmental collapse.

OnlySP recently spoke to Gregory to find out more about the ideas that the game was set to explore and the factors that led to its current situation, as well as where Freesphere is at present. That interview will be available in the coming days.

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Building Hades’ Myth-Born Characters Has Been “Refreshingly Different” for Supergiant Games



Chaos in Hades

Hades is the first game developed by Supergiant Games without an original cast of characters, but the studio’s creative director says this has not hindered development at all.

Unlike Bastion, Transistor, and Pyre, which produced Supergiant characters such as The Kid, Red, and Hedwyn, the majority of Hades‘ characters come from Greek mythology.

However, borrowing from Greek mythology is extremely common in video games—God of War, Kid Icarus, Persona, and Saint Seiya are just a few series that do.

Building an interesting world around an environment that so many gamers are already familiar with could prove challenging, but Supergiant’s Greg Kasavin told OnlySP in a recent interview that this was a very welcomed change.

“Part of the appeal of creating a game based on an adaptation of an existing mythos is that it’s a refreshingly different process from what we’ve done in the past. We know what it’s like to create worlds from scratch! We’ve never adapted one, though.”

As a kid, Kasavin would grow frustrated by how modern adaptations of mythological characters would be diluted to the point of dismissing all of their complexities and “disturbing qualities.” He told OnlySP, “[Supergiant Games] started from the observation that the Olympians are a big, dysfunctional family, and everything flowed from there. I think we’re being true to the source material, as well as true to life.”

There are some original characters in Hades, though, and the game even builds upon a few mythological characters who do not have as robust of a story behind them. “Our protagonist character, Zagreus, best represents this. We know almost nothing about him from the source mythology, other than maybe he’s a son of Hades, or maybe he’s even an early version of Dionysus. The idea that Hades, god of the death, might have secretly had a son was so compelling, we decided to make it the premise of the whole game,” Kasavin said.

Kasavin even shared insight on his personal inspiration from Studio Ghibli on the subject of working with familiar characters: “If there’s any inkling that adapting a work is somehow a step down from creating your own original setting, Ghibli films such as Howl’s Moving Castle and The Secret World of Arrietty remind me that that’s nonsense. Adapted works have no less inherent merit than original works.”

Hades is currently in Early Access and is available on PC as an Epic Games Store exclusive. Look out for OnlySP’s full interview with Greg Kasavin in the next few days!

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