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Pre-Historic Survival Game ‘Before’ is Looking Quite Beautiful, Won’t Have a Kickstarter Campaign



A couple months ago we interviewed Bill Lowe about his upcoming survival title, Before. Time for a little update.

From the time that we last talked to Bill, it seems that Before has really begun to take shape as you’ll see in the screenshots below. Some new details were released via the Before blog as well as to how the game would play and what you can expect in terms of difficulty. Checkout the details straight from the blog just below.

The game controls much like a real-time strategy or “god” game, though I think of the player as more collective conciousness than deity. You command members of your fledgling tribe to perform various actions and pursue goals; moving around the landscape, hunting animals and gathering resources.

The core of the experience is survival; guiding your tribe through their life in an often dangerous world. Ensuring that they find food, keep an eye out for dangerous predators and find a safe place to sleep each night.

As the tribe grows, so will their desire for somewhere to call home. Deciding where to settle down is the first step, before gathering wood for the fire and materials for building.


Bill also notes that the game will feature a “collective permadeath” system meaning that once your tribe completely dies out, then the game is over. In addition, the game’s world seems to be quite ambitious as, “each creature in the world has some basic simulation which determines behaviour; eating when hungry and sleeping when tired. As time passes, creatures grow older and will eventually die of natural causes.” As you’d expect, however, the other living species in the world, as well as your tribe, can be killed at any time by predatory animals. We’re guessing Sabertooth Tigers and those half raptor half bird creatures from the movie 10,000 BC will be part of that equation.

Adding even more detail to an already ambitious project, Lowe plans to have, “each player’s tribe to feel unique; the culture they develop and the mark they leave on their surroundings serving a visual history of the time spent playing.” He continues,  “You’ll be free to explore the world with your tribe; building boats to cross the seas, descending into underground caves, unearthing mysterious artifacts, even discovering other tribes.”


Before is sounding quite interesting as development progresses and if the latest screenshots are any indication, the game is looking quite lovely on the Unity engine. Bill did have plans to bring the game to the Kickstarter platform, but has since decided against it and will announce the future development plans of Before soonish. If you haven’t already, you should certainly read our big interview we did with Lowe a couple months ago to learn a bunch of new details on the game.

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Creating a Character That is Authentically Red Dead — An Interview With Roger Clark



Roger Clark Red Dead Redemption 2 interview
An Interview with Roger Clark

Roger Clark gave Rockstar Games’s Wild West a new voice when he took on the role of Red Dead Redemption 2’s Arthur Morgan last October. Despite big boots to fill, Clark has managed to prove himself as a valuable member of the outlawed gang.

Red Dead Redemption 2 launched to critical acclaim across the board and is set to go down not only as a triumph in world-building, but as a successful character-driven story, too.

OnlySP’s Michael Cripe sat down with Clark to talk about single-player games, the character of Arthur Morgan, fun times on set, inspirations, and more at Planet Comicon KC 2019. Check out the full interview up above.

“I was trying to come up with something that was honest, yet, had enough ambiguity so that, if the player wanted to make Arthur a total bastard, my performance would still make sense…”

Clark managed to take the OnlySP Award for Best Performer during OnlySP’s Best of 2018 ceremony thanks the “emotion he brought to the role” and his “low, raspy voice that will be ingrained in the minds of players for a very long time.”

For more on Red Dead Redemption 2, Clark, and the world of single-player gaming, keep checking in with OnlySP’s FacebookTwitterYouTube, and new community Discord server.

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