Imagine yourself alone stuck on a mysterious, uninhabited alien planet after your spaceship crashes; killing your team and destroying any and all equipment you had. How scared would you be? Would you be able to adapt and survive? This, my friends is Solus. Created by Teotl Studios, developer of The Ball back in 2010, they have been working on what looks to be an amazing exploration/survival game.

Currently, Teotl Studios has been working on Solus part-time since they announced the game back in November 2013, with only a team of three members. However, I have to say that so far, Solus is looking quite fantastic, especially with the new Unreal Engine 4. The Teotl team has expanded since we talked to them back in February, and I am very curious to see what else they can accomplish in the coming months.

What else do we know about the game? As far as we know, Solus is based around exploration, scavenging, and survival. The environment is dangerous and unpredictable; temperature changes, day and night cycles, severe weather, and disasters can occur at any moment. This will test the player’s skills and ability to stay alive and outlast the hostile environment. What’s even better is that Solus will have Oculus Rift support – talk about being immersed.


In terms of progress, the team is currently being backed by the Nordic Game Program, who has funded Teotl with $54,924 USD to help them continue development. They have also announced that full modular support will be available so players can build their own levels to create new challenges. Currently, Sjoerd De Jong – Game Developer at Hourences – is looking for Level Artists/Level Scripters, with some talent in Blueprint scripting. It seems that we will be having waves of enemies coming at us while trying to survive the already harsh environment of the planet. Bring it on Solus!

Other than that, in terms of a release date, Teotl made this statement shortly after receiving the funding from NGP back in May this year –

“The funding will allow us to get the game to a point in which the first couple hours are properly playable. Release is still way off. We are looking at some time 2015.”

With that statement, it lets us know that development is still progressing and that they have not given up on the project. In the meantime we will be keeping our eyes peeled for any new information that we get from Solus, and keep you updated.

Krystal Cilch
Krystal is dedicated Battlefield player who works full time for a communications company. With a degree in Network Systems Administration, she currently is pursuing her certifications in Information Technology; while doing game reviews and editorials for OnlySP, in hopes to take her career into the Gaming Industry world.

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