Project Eternity by Obsidian Entertainment is, without a doubt, one of Kickstarter’s video game success stories, having raised almost four million dollars in its initial campaign last year. Since then, all manner of details, and concept art has been leaking out of the studio in drips and drabs, but the latest update may yet be the biggest to date. Of particular note is that the game has finally got an official name, that being Pillars of Eternity, along with a new logo. They also opened their backer portal, which allows people to manage their pledges better in order to claim the rewards that your initial donation made available to you. In addition to this is the opening of a new poll which asks whether backers would be open to the idea of more stretch goals, including further wilderness areas and companions, after such things were asked for repeatedly.

What is likely to be of the most interest to backers and those keeping an eye on the game is the unveiling of the first gameplay trailer. It really is more of a teaser, showing off some exploration and combat alongside an array of enemy characters and some rather stunning environments.

The newly renamed Pillars of Eternity is expected to launch in 2014 for PC and Mac.

Source(s) – Project Eternity Official Site

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