Well, you won’t actually play as Alex Mercer, but you’ll be able to look just like him. For those players who pre-order the game or purchase the RADNET edition, you’ll be able to partake in weekly challenges and events that will lead up to the eventual unlocking of the Alex Mercer skin.

Prototype 2’s RADNET is a sort of content drop system, providing players with new things to do each week, such as special challenges and events. When these challenges and events are completed, players will be rewarded with new content, such as mutations and making-of videos. In addition to 55 pieces of content, their will be pieces of the skin that will eventually come together to become Alex Mercer.

Check out the skin in action below:

[youtube id=”rGAAkngDeNI” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Here’s a video explaining RADNET:

[youtube id=”er9XTcft2Mc” width=”600″ height=”350″]

In Prototype 2, you play as  Sergeant James Heller, a soldier infected by the Blacklight virus. After surviving an encounter with Mercer (the protagonist of the first game), Heller seeks revenge for the loss of his family and looks to destroy the virus that has ravaged NYC. He’ll use any means neccesary to stop Mercer, even if it means using the virus..

Look for the game in stores on April 24.


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  1. Does this mean that we unlock his skin if we play prototype 2 on the 24th onwards or does this mean that we can play radnet at any time and still get the skin even though we haven't olayed since the release date? Because i got radnet edition but i haven't played on the game yet so i don't want to miss out on the alex mercer skin. Please reply :)

    1. As long as you bought the game new and have Radnet unlocked (only avaliable to be people who buy new, think of it as an online pass) yes you will get the skin.

      1. Yeah i have limited edition and just played on it today and it's awesome. I have redeemed the codes and the radnet challenges sre availible so im going to do them and wait until all of them unlockef so i complete the rest and then get the skin :)

        1. Sorry about spelling i'm typing really fast ;)

        2. Sounds great! Hope you're enjoying the game, we are still waiting on our review copy to get in unfortunatley.

  2.  Hi,

    This is just to let you guys know that you don’t need to wait to June
    or complete all events/challenges to play as Alex Mercer and have all
    radnet mutations & videos unlocked.

    You don’t even have to own a Radnet edition of the game. I edited the save game and you are now able to unlock everything.

  3. what

  4. i want to unlock mercer without radnet in prototype 2

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