GTTV has revealed tonight that Zombie Studios’ horror game Daylight will be PS4 and PC ready. No word yet on whether it will be on Xbone, but everything Xbone related has been very tight-lipped, unsurprisingly.

More interesting is the series of tweets sent out by Atlus earlier, suggesting that there is a new game on the way that the publisher is somehow related to. Key words used were “scary” and “zombie”… So, no direct confirmation, but it’s a pretty big tease, non?

Zombie Studios’ “psychological thriller” game Daylight is one we’re thoroughly looking forward to. The promise of procedurally generated scares is interesting, and intriguing, and all those yummy words we love to use. Zombie will be at E3 this year, so more details impending. Like doom. Which also is impending.

Source: GTTV, Twitter [via Destructoid]

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