As part of the game’s media, we sometimes know a lot more information than we’d like to. We cover rumors, leaks, get early looks at video games and all that sort of stuff, which sort of takes away the surprise that those of you not involved in the media get to experience every year. I miss those days when I had no idea what was coming until I saw a Gameinformer Magazine show up in my mailbox, and that’s how I found out about the latest big game announcement.

Last year, NKTRNL basically leaked the entirety of Microsoft’s E3 2014 press conference, which was awesome at the time, but once the conference came, we sort of knew everything we were getting. So far, no leak like that has occurred this year, and hell, even the rumor mill is unusually quiet this time of year. Most likely because gaming companies are keeping their cards much closer to their chest this year, and while that may hurt our traffic numbers (oh well), it’s extremely exciting.

We’ve heard lots of rumors concerning Sony’s upcoming titles, but nothing has been for sure confirmed yet. Guerrilla Games’ upcoming game is supposed to be an open world action game with robotic dinosaurs and lush environments. Sony Bend’s upcoming game is supposed to be some type of open world horror game and we don’t really have any idea about what Quantic Dream, Media Molecule or Sucker Punch Studios are developing either. Oh, and I guess we can’t forget about The Lost Guardian…I mean Last Guardian…oops.

PS4 owners also have games like Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, SOMA, The Witness and RiME on the way as well, and we’ve seen next to nothing about most of those titles.

We’re two years into this console generation and it’s about time we find out what exactly is in store for the PS4. The PS4 has had one killer exclusive released so far, in my opinion of course, and that game is Bloodborne. The Order: 1886 was great, but just didn’t reach the potential that many were hoping for. I’m very excited to see what Sony has up their sleeve for this year’s E3 2015 presser and you should be too if you’re a PS4 owner.

No, we’re not here to pit the Xbox One vs the PS4 in this article, we’re strictly focusing on the PS4’s lineup right now, so don’t bother trying to swing the pendulum the other way.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. Pffft – mysterious ? I think non existant is a much better word. I am much more looking forward to xbox ones 2015 games.

    1. GAME. Singular. As in Halo 5…which will be out in October. Have fun waiting.

      1. Try Halo 5, Gears of War, Fable, Tomb Raider, Forza 6 and some more mysteries like the ones ps4 doesnt have. Maybe Goldeneye or Perfect Dark from Rare…oooh so niiice.

        1. GoW doesn’t have a release date. Fable is free to play (garbage), Tomb Raider is a TIMED exclusive, and Forza? Forza is just tired a weak. I guess if you like buying the same damn game over and over again, sure…

          1. Gears of war will release this year. Some say june. Fable for free is a positive not a negative. Its the 1st Dx12 game and looks gorgeous, tomb raider is published by microsoft if anyone else sees it it will be very late 2016…its likely just like titanfall. Forza is the best racing franchise available. Horizon 2 is best racer i have ever played.

          2. “buying the same damn game over and over again” – Gran Turismo and The Last of Us say hello.

          3. Except that I only bought Last of Us once…on PS4…and the last GT I played was the free preview of GT5…sure.

          4. You did. Many others got it even after owning the PS3 version.

          5. youtube. com/crapgamerreviews

            this guy says complete opposite and believes PS4 is trash and we must buy Xbox One.

  2. Just more JRPGS…that’s a shame. I bought a PS4 for gaming diversity and it fails in that circumstances. At least the Xbox One is investing more on unique games like Sunset Overdrive, D4, Project Spark, Fable Legends, Ori and the Blind Forest, Gigantic, and Quantum Break. It seems the PS4 isn’t a gaming machine as many mindless fanboys claim to be.

    1. its weird you think like that because for a long time i have felt the ps4 does not have enough JRPG’s (which it doesnt). of course they will show more than just RPG’s. it doesnt even matter that the xbox has those few games the ps4 doesnt because the games have been just as shit on the xbox platform so far. nothing from this new gen has been good on either side.

      1. My biggest problem with something this generation is the fact that games are still cross generation. I mean.. Xbox went out and fought for Rise of the Tomb Raider to be exclusive to its console (Whether its Timed for however long it is.. doesn’t matter), and Then make the game cross generational.. So it’s coming out for Xbox One and Xbox 360.. Now I feel like the Xbox One version will be held back immensely by the 360 version, and I seriously have to point to all the other games that seem to have been hindered by staying on last gen as well.. and it leads me to wonder.. What could “Shadow of Mordor” really been like if it had been fully focused on PS4 / Xbox One.. we need to stop catering to the past.. and start maximizing the potential of our games. That’s the whole reason we upgraded our hardware in the first place.

    2. Let me see your point, 8 month AAA drought with only one AAA exclusive last year, you list past games and then all the way to 2016 as your “diversity”? Maybe it is your blinders that are preventing you to see. Bloodborne? Mlb15? You already hate Sony so I know you would say something bad about the order 1886 but, all AAA exclusives just this year. Maybe between having the best versions of the AAA multiplats this fall in cod, Star Wars battlefront, they are going to focus their exclusive to the family market with games such as ratchet and clank to get parents and kids about buying the ps4 for the holidays and then bring out the uncharted for all those new consoles after the winter. Sounds like a plan to me.

      1. also i agree with this xD. bloodborne is without a doubt the best game to come out on either platform so far. the ps4 will have more to offer within the next 2 years.

      2. Actually Xbox One has Screamride, State of Decay Year One Survival Edition, IDARB, and Ori and Blind Forest were available from February threw April. Even Nintendo had Zelda and later this month Splatoon. Sony fanboys you’re lying to masses again.

        1. you seriously need to grow up pal. i can see it bothers you massively what games each consoles gets and just in case you didnt realize by now, while you have been playing the re-release of that state of decay others are still playing bloodborne still. so as you see there is quality on the ps4 and you are just another blind sided person that fails to see the bigger picture.

          1. Woah there buddy.. I am currently playing State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition and freaking loving it on my Xbox One.. So.. Pppffff

            EDIT* – It does have some stupid issues, and really bad polish for being a “Remastered Version”. Pop ins… Zombies getting stuck.. etc.. are all really silly things they should fix.. I also feel overwhelmed at times when running around trying to save people.. and I feel like I can’t do other missions lol. I wish they made it a bit more of a tutorial on building the home and what to prioritize, and maybe some info on how long quests will stick around.. etc.

          2. Look who’s talking about re-releases. The Last of Us, oh and.. wasnt God of War 3 remastered or something been announced also?

          3. dont really know what your point is there hahahaha. yeah im fully aware of what the ps4 has been getting too.

        2. I said AAA and when did I say anything about the wiiu?
          We can list all the indie style downloadable games for Sony but then there really would not be any argument possible. That is called reaching or goalpost moving then following it up with the signature “Sony fanboy” and did you even read your own comment? Fluff away then hide behind the “fanboy” all you want, just makes you look salty and does not change the fact Sony has a lot more games ranging from free to $59.99. Like what you want. There is no argument there but, to create a list reaching to everything known about what is coming and or has come to Xbox and putting down sonys diversity is telling that you are just being a fanboy. What about the four year drought befor the Xbox 360 then, only showing the exact same thing as their last 4 e3s as their reveal for the Xbox one? Ryse, halo, froza, cod and, fable. I go off history when looking at what I purchase.

        3. Screamride? Really? BWA HA HA HA HA. Yah, sure. You got Screamride. Have fun.

          1. Actually Screamride is fun.

          2. Well atleast we know why you don’t like any of the Sony Exclusives.. Nothing can compare to Xbox’s Screamride..

        4. Lol only you have the skills to pass on facts as lies.

          1. No I’m not lying those Xbox One, 3DS, and WiiU games are available right now. Break the bubble and go out to your local game stores.

          2. The reason i said that you were lying is beacuse you are claiming that sony fans spread lies and that ps4 has only jrpgs. Just look at the comment i made to you above (which you conveniently ignored i suppose).
            Also i think you should break the bubble and go to your local game stores. I think your lies will (hopefully) stop then.

        5. Ports and Indies.

          The Xbone has no games.

      3. Actually I liked the Order of 1886 but Bloodborne wasn’t as good as many people claimed to be…it was generic and repetitive. Hopefully Sony releases a new Twisted Metal and Jax.

      4. Bloodborne runs at 15fps. That is embarassing for a next gen exclusive. Plus its load times are painful. The game is overrated…and yes i have played it. The show is fun for a while but its still so laggy online its unplayable. Killlzone is a bore and vacant online. Last of us and infamous have next to no replay value. The order and driveclub are horrible…as in no fun. Go check their review scores…people agree on this. Sunset, titanfall, forza, forza horizon, dead rising, Halo and Ori are more fun than ps4 exclusives. And in 2015 the xbox one lineup is extremely strong…and the ps4 lineup next to nothing. We all have opinions and that is mine.

        1. :( sad little life. It’s ok. No point in even trying to justify your absurd level of trolling.
          Good luck though. I am sure you find your click of people that believe your non-sense. Ha! Thank you for the laugh. It is almost as bad as mister X himself.

          1. The dude said that was his opinion. Thats not trolling. And i am in agreement with him. Ps4 exclusives are dissapointing compared to xbox ones. The ones out now and certainly the ones coming out soon.

          2. Hmm-i take it you disagree ? Tell you what yoi go play ps4 exclusives that run at 15fps, still cant provide a smooth multiplayer experience, are so boring that you cant find a multiplayer match or are just flat out flops and ill stick to xbox ones exclusives and we’ll all be happy. 2015 is more of a dud year for ps4 than 2014 was. Have fun !

          3. Ryse is the “15fps” not exclusive though.
            Titanf… Darn, another non exclusive.
            Hmmmm sunset was ok. That is the only exclusive I can come up with.
            The only other Microsoft exclusive would master chief collection?how did that turn out?
            Yup. Got me.

          4. Ooh the old pc non exclusive thing ok. So ps4 has 1 decently rated exclusive thats 15 fps. No mans sky is not an exclusive nor street fighter right ? Trust me those devs are looking for cash and the 10 billion user base that unified windows 10 brings to xbox one, pc and mobile is worth a shit ton more that 20 million ps4 users.
            You got me ! Ill play the best games on xbox one…u keep arguing bbbbbut they arent exclusive. Lololol

          5. Did I ever say little girl? Link to the licked “15fps” please. Just to back up your baby talk.
            And no, it was the boners that ran around and waaaaa at indie games that they so lovingly accept now due to the 8 month drought of AAA exclusives. Name one PC/ps4 game that I listed at any point? Child.
            That just would only solidify the longer list of games only available on one console but I never once said anything and, most are free on the ps4 so who cares? It’s not like we are paying for an overpriced side scroller.

          6. Can u say littte biatch ? Devs want sales..because they make money. Turning down exclusive deals where devs want to sell to the pc user base is foolish. Especially with a massive unified xbox, pc and mobile user base that microsoft has. Sony is doing the same with no mans sky and SF so lets not act like they arent. You wont see halo or gears or forza or crackdown on pc and likely wont see MS new IPs either. If they go pc years later more money for the dev and they come back for abother deal.

          7. What does this have to do with anything I am saying? The console that sells the most software is better for developers? Yeah. Sony. Other than that, this totally came out of right field or such a severe goal post move you lost me. Lose one topic raise another?

          8. Missed your point. As far as selling software MS windows 10 is about to unify xbox, pc and mobile platforms. Do you know what that user base is ? With multiple devices tablet, pc, phone xbox one for many people in this world its likely in the range of several billion. Developers write code and its used across all those platforms with only minor tweaks needed between platforms. Sony has no answer. Sony 20 million install base is tiny compared to microsofts…which means xbox one gets all those games, apps and services. And the devs make huge $. Maybe we disagree and thats fine…but xbox one is my choice.

          9. Lol so you are still using the “it drops to 15fps” argument when drops like this are extremely rare. In fact I’ve not yet experienced any moment in the game like this. The reason you are making a big fuss about this is because it isn’t an xbox1 exclusive.

        2. Actually bloodborne runs at 15-18 fps during action. No thanks…ill take 60fps on my xbox one exclusives. Gears halo fable tomb raider quantum forza 6 crackdown all looking like 60 fps…havent yet heard about scalebound.

          1. The Xbox One will not be hitting 1080p / 60 FPS anytime soon.. I am just saying.. Plus the Frames per Second in Games have nothing to do with the Console Manufacturer outside of their choice in Hardware.. So in the end.. It is the Developers fault for having such a crappy FPS in their game.. They aren’t utilizing the game correctly. Plus.. Bloodborne received a pretty good patch that updated its Load Times drastically, and cut down the FPS issue a ton too.

          2. “The Xbox One will not be hitting 1080p / 60 FPS anytime soon” – you DO know, my friend, that there’s a little game called Forza MotorSport 5 – a LAUNCH title, that has already done that don’t you? Don’t you??? Just saying.

        3. Well imo the sony exclusives are more fun :)
          Framerate in bloodborne dips, yes, but they are rare and the loading times have been addressed in a patch. The order might not have been an epic game but it was a good one. A 7.5 in my book. The main reason driveclub was bashed was beacuse of its buggy online but hey, since we are bringing this up let’s take abt halo mcc online shall we? :)
          Killzone has vacant online? Gee i wonder why that is? Maybe because it’s around 1.5 yrs old.
          Last of us has multiplayer and if infamous lacks replay value then what does sunset overdrive have?
          Lastly, bloodborne isn’t overrated. In your opinion it may be but in the eye’s of many critics and gamers it’s a masterpiece. Hell it sold a million copies in just two weeks which is pretty amazing for a niche title.

          1. You sure its not because 20 million ps4 owners didnt have a game worth a damn ? It only has a 5% sell rate on all ps4s. Pretty dissapointing in all.

          2. There are many games which were worth a damn. Maybe not exclusives (if we are speaking about the month of march). Also like i said, bloodborne is a niche title. So selling a million copies in just two weeks is actually amazing and not disappointing at all.

          3. Plenty are playing Halo MCC on twitch right now. No issues…go look for yourself before claiming it has issues. Halo 5 beta was flawless and gorgeous silky smooth 60 fps. I am not denying that MCC had issues well after launch though.

          4. That was my point. Even driveclub has issues at luanch. But now both are fixed.

        4. Bloodborne runs great

        5. Titan fall has no one on it anymore, Dead Rising runs at 15 fps, Halo is so laggy and broken online people can’t play it, Sunset Overdrive is dead in the water and has little to no replay value. I couldn’t get into it if I tried.. and I tried.. 3 different times.. and you can’t even get into it mid game.. there is absolutely no review on game mechanics once past the beginning of the game. Wonderful.. I took a few month break from it and come back.. and I don’t want to start freaking brand new! common!!! Also.. The Developers (Insomniac) are done with developing for it.. So.. they bailed on it too. Forza is the same game pretty much every year.. Granted.. my girlfriend loves them.. (and COD.. Go Figure) so I get them both every year for her.. but look at how quickly that whole paragraph is turned around.. They have both had severe issues.. They both have good games coming out.. and E3 is right around the Corner.. If you think Sony is just going to let Uncharted 4 slip to the new year and not replace it with a few titles, either by pushing them up.. or just releasing them at E3 to fill the void.. You are borderline loopy. Sony will not just let this year go by and have nothing to entice its user base to purchase games.. Expect there to be a good 3-4 games coming out this fall, and several more to be released next year.

          This by no means has ZERO baring on what Microsoft will be doing, and I expect them to light it up with their own laundry list of games for the rest of 2015 and 2016. I do think Microsoft will have more titles releasing this year than Sony, but I think there may be a couple gems being released by Sony this fall that could make up for it.

          My Verdict?: In the End.. Gamers are Victorious.. I can’t wait to see both Conferences.

          1. Got news for ya:

            TitanFall still runs GREAT and online still very populated, just 2 days ago and played with full lobbies. Dead Rising is tremendous fun and has hundreds of zombies on screen at the same time and even so manages to stay smooth. I have TONS of friends saying HALO runs MUCH better now and playing it daily. Sunset Overdrive is one of THE VERY BEST games on this gen so far, too bad it was an exclusive and piss-poor “Insomniac fans” dissed the company so bad that it got a negative viewing to the point it didnt sell so well. But it is an amazing game trust me. Forza is NOT the same pretty much every year: Forza 5 and Forza Horizon 2 and very different and if you knew what you were talking about you wouldn’t even present this as a fact.

            The only thing I agree with you is your verdict. Gamers are victorious indeed in the end. Just dont say things without knowing the real facts.

    3. Just more jrpgs? Really? So the order 1886, bloodborne, driveclub, infamous second son, lbp3, mlb15, and since you are listing upcoming games so uncharted 4, until dawn, tearaway, also since you are counting indie games so transistor, resogun, helldivers; are all jrpgs? Wow what have i been playing all this time? In fact the only jrpg i know of that released just last week is omega quintet and also toukiden kiwami (if you consider a monster hunter type game to be a jrpg). Lol how delusional or misinformed are you?

      1. I want more JRPGS on ps4, not that many out at the moment. Vita has a ton though

        1. You are not the only person who wants more JRPG’s jznlv, you are just one of many. Gamers are certainly starting to embrace the JRPG again.. and it also seems as if the Japanese have grasped the Western Culture a bit better too.

    4. Sunset Overdrive – Ratchet & Clank, Project Spark – Little Big Planet 3, D4 – any number of indies on PS4, same with Ori. Fable Legends? PS4 has plenty of free to play games…and I am surprised this lame duck gets the milage it does from the fanboys…it’s not like the other Fable games were actually any good, or sold in large numbers. As for Quantum Break? See you in 2016 with 5 or 6 titles that will compete with that. Sad devotion to a console is sad.

      1. Who cares how many a game sells. Because for example the Sega Dreamcast and the Nintendo GameCube were superior in IPs that both the PS2 and the original Xbox. For my preference the PS Vita is a better handheld that the 3DS. The PS Vita is were RPGs and platformers actually belong. Tearaway clearly is a ps vita game because of the hardware innovation.

        1. Oroginal Xbox sure, PS2 no way, there are still a few games on ps2 in my backlog , I have 2 boxes of ps2 games that I loved.

    5. lol Stop lying, little xbot.
      You never owned a PS4.

    6. Yeah.. You are absolutely right.. There is nothing to play on the PS4 at all.. Zero Games..

      Xbox is nothing but games. If you want games.. you go straight to the Xbox and play it. There is things on the PS4, but they aren’t games, they can’t be counted as games either.. because they are “Indie Trash” and Ori and the Blind Forest is the greatest thing since sliced bread, don’t ya know? Also.. I don’t know what anyone is talking about.. I Have had ZERO ISSUES with Halo: The Master Chief Collection.. Been playing since Day 1, no issues. Oh.. and Halo 5 is so innovative.. I can’t wait to see everything that they bring to the Table! D4 was such a wild success people can’t stop talking about it! I think it’s probably Indie Runner-up of the Year, Because we know Ori got that -ish locked up!

      Also.. we got Scream Ride, and a bunch of games that have shown zero gameplay that I am amped up about.. It is a great day to be an Xbox Gamer.. I can’t believe the PS4 has sold such a minimal amount of consoles compared to Microsoft, but it’s obvious that its because they have no games.. When will they get off their butts and realize that people want more than just Shooters like Killzone and Call of Duty. They want innovation.. like Evolve and Halo 5, and Fable Legends. Bring it on! Bankruptcy is but a year away Sony!

  3. diversity, quantity, and qualtity

  4. @Nick Calandra

    We are too close to E3 for Sony to spill the beans on their line up.

    1. That’s usually when things do get spilled…;)

  5. Keep in mind if you make personal attacks here in the comments section you will be immediately banned. You can disagree with someone’s opinion and be respectful about it at the same time. Have a discussion, not a fight please. Thanks.

  6. Congrats, Nick, on the fanboy war in your comment section. Before you know it you’re site will be as popular as IGN :P

    1. Heh, the last statement of the article was to subdue that. Seems it has worked quite well eh?

      1. What seemed to have worked is that you’ve gotten quite a bit of comments to your article. That was the goal regardless. I’m not mad at you. It the way you folks work it that’s always interesting.

        Nevertheless, I’ll say it again as I have before on other discussions. The PS4 and XB1 has been very disappointing in terms of games. I have both consoles and it amazes me at the level of ignorance by the masses known as gamers. Discussions like your thread proves it every time.

        Yes, we all have different taste when it comes to games but the majority of us understand what is a great system seller game versus an average game few will play. In just about two years with these consoles and there isn’t one system seller game. Some will say Bloodborne but that game is a niche game in the vein of Dark Souls which some enjoy and many do not.

        These consoles are both selling well and yes Sony sheeples, the PS4 is a runaway with the lead. Why? Its definitely not because of the games. Clowns will list exclusive indie games as the reason but the reality is that the Sony lead is based on the distaste for Microsoft. Many didn’t like them before and their missteps have only fueled the rage. Its so bad that the Sony sheeple continue to comment on a console that they don’t own and is supposedly inferior to theirs. Yet, they keep talking about it.

        MS has been just as bad if not worse. Yes Xbots, the non-gaming aspect of the XB1 is very good. But just in the way I did not spend $400 on a PS4 to play indie games, I did not spend $400 on an XB1 to play around with cable, web, videos and music. I bought it for games and the XB1 has not deliver at all. Whats worse is that the multiplat games run better on the PS4. Yes, its marginal and you really can’t tell but as a multi console owner, guess which version I’m going to get.

        There has been sooo many misteps by MS, it makes you wonder if they learned anything from the XB360. Sure doesn’t seem like it. Spencer has been trying to patch the broken wall and for the most part doing an okay job. What is going to count and in many ways be the final opportunity for this XB1 console is the exclusive games coming in the fall-winter. They clearly have an advantage over the PS4 but will they actually deliver. I have my doubts since they have botched everything so far.

        The PS4 has nothing exclusive in 2015 they have announced as of yet that’s worth my time or dollars. That’s just poor any way you look at it. Guess they are hoping the multiplatforms get them thru 2016. It could since those have been the best games so far. We’ll see if the competition can finally make a case for their console to the haters.

        1. You are correct the goal was to generate discussion. The discussion generated wasn’t really what I was hoping for though obviously. It’s not like this was a flamebait article or anything, people turn articles like these into flamebait discussions.

          But, thank you for the lengthy and detailed comment. I do agree the PS4 is lacking in terms of exclusives this year at this point in time, but I certainly think that will change at E3.

          I’m really happy with the way Microsoft has been treating exclusives though since Phil jumped on board. They’re making it a big focus, and right now my Xbox One is getting much more of my playing time for it than my PS4 is…till I get the Witcher that is ;)

          1. Sorry can’t help it,so what your saying is you play on xbox for the exclusives and multi-platform games on ps4? Why is that? Anyways back to your article exclusives are dying, it doesn’t sell consoles. The past has shown that, look at xb360 and ps3 why did xb360 take a huge lead and kept it for a long time released year early and cheaper, back then you didn’t know what exclusives were going to be a success or not. Now fast foward to last year same thing out first and cheaper plus alot of pissed off fans at ms sony could do no wrong which then leads to friends having the same console to play together which is what both companies push. So all of you fanboys what have you learned……..your comments are opinions nothing more nothing less. I not going to buy a console for exclusives nobody does if your truthful.

          2. Since I have the option of playing multiplatform games on either the PS4 or X1, I go with the PS4 normally just due to the higher resolutions for the same games. I don’t have a preference between the two consoles really, I have mutliple mutliplatform games on both, but if the Witcher is 1080p on PS4 and 900p on X1 might as well get it for PS4.

            And people do buy consoles based on the exclusive games they want, just as much as they do because of what console their friends own.

          3. If that is true then why is their such a huge gap in consoles sold. If MS has such great exclusives or exclusives coming out wouldn’t they have the 20+mill sold? Thats why i said exclusives are dying it’s not a selling point if it was you wouldn’t have this remastered edition for x1 and ps4 you’d have more ip’s trying to be the next halo or god of war. That’s why every game out their to date has been broken at launch day there’s a demand but the supply can’t keep up and they know we’ll buy it cuz we are waiting for that next great game that blows us away. Not god of war or halo they’ll keep making them cuz we can’t let go. Have a questioned so their were no good exclusives last year to really WOW any one person but ps4 set record for selling 10 mill+ units how is that possible with no major WOW exclusive, same goes for MS.

          4. Marketing? The PS4 had a much less controversial launch the the Xbox One, cost less and so on. They hit all the right notes with consumers and thus the console has sold better. It really doesn’t matter which console is selling more though, honestly. That’s just a lame talking point for gamers to fight about.

            I’m not going to speculate about the next big thing, everyone has their preferences for the games they like. But sales wise, both companies are doing better than they were at the start of last gen, so nobody’s losing really.

          5. I agree with everybody wins,also forgot to say i do like your article it is exciting to see whats around the corner can’t wait.but your honesty on your replies thats more admirable in our debates. I just think it has more to do with price and first out of the gate I’ve got 15 friends that were xb360 owners and switched to ps4 and 8 of them bought x1 in nov. And dec. cuz of the price and 2-3games(can’t blame them for that they came frome the 360 era) but they hardly play it when we get online to play bf4, hardline or planetside 2.

          6. Thanks for the compliments and yea, I don’t pick and choose what console I play on based on brand loyalty. (Although I should since going through an ungodly number of X360’s cause of RROD). If I see a game I want to play, I play it. Doesn’t matter to me what console it’s on. Hence, why I own a PS4, X1 and PC.

  7. I can’t wait to play No Mans Sky

    The Forest




    everybody’s gone to the rapture


    Abductions HUM


    The WITCHER 3

    And Ohh

    FUCKING Identity

    But mainly I really just cannot wait to simply play NO MANS SKY

  8. I see some say titanfall has no players online now sorry but that is a joke I play titanfall regularly and there is never a shortage of players for it on xbox one yes it is abit weaker then ps4 we all know that but multiplayer what has ps4 got that touches titanfall it’s fast paced fun and frantic shooting with mechs what’s to hate it runs at 792p big deal it still looks good not amazing just basic but it just proves that amazing graphics don’t make amazing games it’s gameplay fast and fun gameplay at 60fps even dead rising 3 is good I owned a ps4 at launch and had killzone it bored me to death also had ghosts in the end I went to xbox one with more games available and I’m having more fun.I do like ps4 though and would love a reason to buy another but I haven’t seen a game yet that makes me regret going to xbox hopefully E3 will change all that and resolution is so over rated for games what good is 1080p if the game is crap anyway and to be really honest Sony have no must own games yet but nether does xbox one but titanfall is more than a challenger for call of dutys rust none changing same old gameplay

    1. Of course there is never a shortage of players. If there is at least 100 players then you can have a match. It’s barely even in 6 digits for number of players active regularly.

  9. No man’s sky and Persona 5 are the big 2 for me. But I’m excited to see what PS4 has to offer. I felt like I was excited for Uncharted 4, but then I tried the first uncharted and the shooting sections were brutal, so I may not be as interested in that anymore :(.

    Hopefully there’s some real good Co-op games coming out too.

    1. Don’t be intimidated by the first Uncharted’s shooting sections, it’s massively improved upon in the sequels.

  10. Sony for me, Guerrillas new game, FFXV trailer tease before gamescon square enix reveal, no mans sky, uncharted 4, i hope we see some crash bandicoot/spyro again, maybe ape escape on ps4, i wanna see FF7 for ps4 as it should be comin out, the last guardian of course, a new shooter IP, gran tourismo 7, and a few more new IPs hopefully bein rpgs. Level 5s Ps4 exclusive, more square enix presence, Rime as an indie,

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