Everybody’s favourite underground handheld is still receiving support from Japanese developers, with Danganronpa V3, Ys Origin, and more on their way to the PSVita in 2017.

At today’s PSX presentation, Sony Third Party Productions’ Gio Corsi came on stage with their latest announcements, happily brandishing a PSVita. Despite low sales and flagging interest from western developers, the cult handheld is clinging to life with multiple titles still to come. Along with English releases of Danganronpa and Ys Origin, versions of Windjammers and Lara Croft Go will also be coming to the PSVita.

The story of the Vita’s demise is one of the gaming industry’s greatest shames. With next year’s Nintendo Switch positioned as a hybrid of couch and handheld gaming (whether they admit that it will succeed the 3DS now or in a year) it appears that the days of dedicated handheld consoles are numbered.

Despite almost certain doom, PSVita will be remembered fondly for these continued olive branches, even if the upcoming releases are mostly versions of games also available on PS4. If the Nintendo Switch is anywhere near as successful as the Wii, Sony might not entirely abandon their handheld plans, but for now the Vita appears to be the last of its kind.

Mitchell Ryan Akhurst
Mitchell is a writer from Currawang, Australia, where his metaphorical sword-pen cleaves fiction from reality daily. When he's not writing, he plays video games and watches movies. While thinking about writing.

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