Tangentlemen have released a launch trailer and other cryptic details on their upcoming PlayStation VR horror game, Here They Lie.

From the looks of things, players will be subject to a mind-boggling journey of psychological terror as they explore a dilapidated city whose denizens wear animal masks and are there to spook around every corner.

Blurring the line between madness and reality, the game looks to take full advantage of the PSVR to immerse players in this chilling world and ensure the scares are as visceral as if the players were really living this nightmare.

Appropriately being released on October 13th, the game will also be a launch title for the PSVR, a medium perfectly suited for horror in particular. With the releases of the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive earlier this year, Sony enters the VR market with much on the line.

Here They Lie looks to be at once terrifying and mesmerizing, and if any title can showcase just what the PSVR is capable of, Tangentlemen seem to be up to that task with this one.

Source: Playstation.Blog

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