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SeithCG’s stealth-action-RPG Ghost of a Tale is now out on Steam Early Access.

Three years in the making after its successful crowdfunding on IndieGoGo in 2013, Ghost of a Tale follows Tilo, a mouse minstrel, through a medieval world of anthropomorphic characters.  In this early access version, which “represents roughly 25-30% of the game,” players can use stealth to avoid enemies, interact with NPCs to complete side-quests, and find fancy hats and other adorable rodent disguises – while getting the ball rolling on the game’s main story.

Developed largely by one person, Lionel Gallat – a seasoned 2D/3D animator who worked on Despicable Me, Sharktale, and The Road to El Dorado for Universal and DreamWorks – Ghost of a Tale is notable as an independent game built in Unity and aiming to achieve a high level of visual fidelity. The character models that inhabit the game’s ambitious environments range from beguilingly cute to menacing and creepy.

In its current state, Ghost of a Tale does a lot to try and establish its world’s rich lore, but remains feature-incomplete. At the time of writing there’s no voice-acting, and, “some mechanics, enemies, and systems,” have been removed. Additionally, “several locations linked to quests,” have also been locked in the Early Access release.

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