Radiant One Is An Indie Meditation On Lucid Dreaming

Radiant One, a story-driven narrative adventure by Fntastic, has a trippy new trailer centred around dreamscapes.

The trailer introduces players to the game’s central protagonist, Daniel, as he makes an attempt to lucid dream. The teaser opens with the central protagonist laying on the couch, announcing that “today, I think I’ll manage it” before descending into his psychedelic adventures.

Gameplay-wise, the project focuses on exploration and evasion, with players accompanying Daniel through a whole range of nighttime delights and horrors. Some screenshots from the title have revealed a menacing reaper figure, who will likely chase the player through the game’s gravity-defying and labyrinthine level design.

The moody trailer is embedded below, with further details available on Radiant One‘s Steam page.

The game will be sleepwalking onto Android, PC, iOS, and Xbox One July 25. For more on indies and the world of single-player, be sure to follow OnlySP on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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