RAGE 2’s Next Expansion Explores Spooky Dimension, Introduces New Weapon and Haunted Enemies

Rage 2 TerrorMania

RAGE 2 is set for a second DLC content release titled ‘TerrorMania’ which sees players exploring an alternate reality—the Deadlands.

Bethesda has revealed that ‘TerrorMania’ takes the game to a new level, thrusting players into an entirely new landscape via a dimensional portal. The Deadlands are a twisted version of the original map, but with new locations like the Floating Islands.

Protagonist, Ranger Walker, will battle through the undead to track down fragments of a shattered NecroDisc. Furthermore, each enemy faction will now have a haunted Deadlands counterpart.

The DLC also features a new weapon known as the Sword of Transitus, capable of unlocking pathways between worlds. The sword can also be charged up to release a blast of impressive force.

RAGE 2: ‘TerrorMania’ follows on from first expansion, ‘Rise of the Ghosts‘  and will release on November 14, for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

The expansion alone will cost players 500 RAGE Coins (USD$5), or players can purchase the Digital Deluxe Upgrade costing 1750 RAGE Coins (USD$17.50).

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