Nodding Heads Games has officially launched its Kickstarter campaign for action-adventure title Raji: An Ancient Epic.

Set in ancient India, the game follows the story of Raji, a young girl chosen by the gods to stand against the demonic invasion of the human realm. A thousand years of peace has lulled humanity into complacency, leaving them ill-prepared for the demonic forces threatening their existence. Knocked unconscious during the siege of Jaidhar, Raji awakens to find she has been blessed with godlike powers—and that her brother is missing, abducted by the demons. Players step into Raji’s shoes as she embarks on a quest in search of her sibling, a journey of self-discovery that culminates in a confrontation with the great demon lord Mahabalasura.

Raji: An Ancient Epic features a hand-painted environment for players to explore as they battle demons using Raji’s god-blessed powers. A variety of abilities and weapons are available for players to choose from, encouraging diversity in individual playstyle. Different types and subtypes of demons each have their own strategies, weapons, and ranks in the demon army, offering a vast array of fights against everything from grunts to epic bosses. In addition, Raji utilizes mandala-shaped puzzle challenges as a form of environmental storytelling, giving players short breaks between bouts of combat.

As highlighted in OnlySP’s October 31 Indie Highlight Reel, Raji‘s lore consists of “an original universe where the fragments of Hindu and Bali mythology are infused to keep an authentic look and feel.” Antagonists wear Balinese face masks, and though the weapons and gods are clearly inspired by Hindu mythology, their abilities are original to the Raji universe.

Based in India, Nodding Head Games was founded by Avichal Singh, Shruti Ghosh, and Ian Maude after the three met at a design college. Inspired by the ancient architecture of medieval Rajasthan, Singh wondered at the possibility of creating a game rooted in India’s mythic past. Sharing his idea with Ghosh and Maude, the trio created sketches and concept art that were received with great enthusiasm by friends and family. Quitting their jobs, they formed Nodding Head Games and set to work bringing Singh’s dream to life.

Kickstarter efforts for Raji: An Ancient Epic began on November 8. Interested readers can check out the fundraising efforts here.

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